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Going to the office to do your job or as a business owner, making efforts, and do numerous other things to sell your goods and services, a simple yet powerful motivator tool behind this is money. The age of the internet bought several changes.

One change among all this was a blow on the traditional idea of making money, i.e., going outside for work. Around 20-30 years ago, making money actively or passively without any physical effort or investment was merely a dream.

But today, people are making a fortune from home for free. Many online businesses are established on the very idea of making money online for free. Do you wonder how all this work? Here are some ways you can make money online for free.

Ways to make money online for free:

Freelancing platforms

Freelancing is one of the best options to earn from home without spending a single penny. No matter what your geological location or qualification is, if you are good at something, you can earn a handsome amount from home by selling your services on freelancing websites.

Multiple platforms are available for freelancers with various skills. As a freelancer, all you have to do is sign-up on these networks, list your skillset, and showcase your expertise and past relevant experiences. After that, you have to invest a little effort into finding your first few projects, but once you build your credibility, your potential customers can reach you on their own.

The payments are made digitally, and chances of scam on verified websites are sporadic. As you freelancer, you can go as high as $100 and above once you have established your profile as a freelancer with good ratings/reviews.

The best freelancing websites to start without paying any charges is,,, and

Some of the popular freelancing jobs are content writing, copywriting, graphic designing, software development, website development, editing, virtual assistance, transcription, marketing, and customer service representation.

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Running own website/blog

If done properly, blogging and running a website can pay you off so well that you don’t need to do anything else to earn money. There are numerous bloggers out there for which their passion for blogging is the only career option, and they are pretty successful in this.

Blogging or running your website is the best source to make passive money. Not only this, but these two can also open the doors of many other things which you can do online to make money without spending any money. Affiliate marketing, using Google AdSense, social media marketing, et cetera, can be successful if you already have a website or a blog.

Making a website/blog on self-hosting costs money (to buy the domain name), but it is also possible to make a free website via,,, and using several other similar platforms.

This option to make money doesn’t require any investment but lots and lots of effort. A website or blog cannot be successful without active interest, but you will realize that all time and efforts were worth it once it is successful.

Tip: if you want to become a successful blogger or build a reputation for your website, be very clear about your niche. It will also help you further with affiliate marketing and ads on your website.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a process in which you promote and market other merchants’ products, and if any sales are generated upon your referrals, you get your fixed commission. The commission is usually paid per sale, and commission can go as much as 75% of each sale, starting from 5-6%.

It doesn’t matter what your demography, location, or qualification is. Affiliate marketing is for everyone who can patiently invest his time and efforts in it. It is free of cost but not free of effort, but you can earn thousands of dollars as your passive income once it is on track.

In the blogging/website heading, I talked about being clear about the niche. If you do so from the very beginning on your website, it can help you in affiliate marketing. For example, you are successfully running a blog about photography. When you put up an affiliate link on your website or blog, it holds a weightage.

People relate you and your work with photography, and your recommendations and referrals can generate more sales than a person who out of nowhere starts promoting photography gadgets. If you are working in any niche, choose affiliate products as per your niche.

If you want to earn by affiliate marketing, especially if you are a beginner, joining affiliate networks is the best available option. These networks connect vendors and marketers. Vendors post their products, marketers promote these products and get their commission upon sales and leads.

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Google AdSense

Using Google AdSense, you can monetize your website and get paid. Google AdSense is for everyone to post ads on their blogs, websites, and YouTube videos and generate revenue on each click. It also helps you monetize your websites and optimize the ads and make them more visible and clickable.

This network is free, and its joining criteria are straightforward. A new blog can also post the ads, but it must first earn $100 to withdraw the money.


If you aren’t aware of it, people are making a good amount of money sitting at home by answering and filling out the surveys. But be aware of scammers! Many people ask for personal data via surveys but do not pay at the end. Go for the legit networks that are paying for surveys.

Paid reviews

If you are paying a lot of time online scrolling around and keep coming across stuff all the time, reviewing and making money online is waiting for you. Some networks pay people for reviewing websites and apps.

Besides, if you have established your blog in some niche, you can earn by reviewing products in that niche. It is a common trend nowadays that brands send their free samples to successful bloggers for reviews.

Virtual assistantship

Virtual assistance is people who help employers to manage their business virtually. It is a management job, but you have to work online from home. Some of the administrative support provided by virtual assistance is managing data, making calls, sending e-mails, do research work, marketing, editing, making appointments, setting schedules, et cetera.

You can find VA jobs easily on freelancing platforms.

Selling price strategies


Being the biggest video streaming platform, YouTube has many earning opportunities for you. No matter your talent, you can upload your videos, vlogs, and other informative videos. YouTube pays as per 1000 views.

You can also monetize your YouTube videos and earn via ads and promoting products of theirs. YouTube can also be used as a network to generate traffic for your affiliate marketing by promoting affiliate products and posting affiliate links.


Online tutoring people and helping them with one or more subjects, and their homework/assignments is also a way to earn from home. Academic help and academic writing are some of the trendy categories on freelancing mediums.

Some other ways:

  • Becoming a translator
  • Writing essays/books/stories/fiction on Kindle E-book.
  • Setting up an online course as per your area of expertise.
  • Selling photos and videos.
  • Narration and voiceover services
  • Conduct research for others
  • Social media management and strategy development
  • Data entry


Thanks to the internet, earning active or passive income from home is an option for everyone. Making money online is free of cost. All you need is dedication and some efforts!


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