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Diib merely caught my eye when I was surfing through Facebook. It was featured in an Ad showcasing some of its features. I clicked on it because it was fulfilling all my needs and have never regretted doing so. It has all the features indeed it boasts of, and I thank that add to date for introducing me to this fantastic tool.

In today’s diib review, we will talk about why is diib one of the best SEO and keyword research tool. It has made my life easy as all my SEO and keyword research can be done efficiently, economically, and effectively in one go! For me, it was difficult to decide whether to opt for diib or not, based on just one add. I had to thoroughly surf the website and search for each and everything because there was no one to guide me.

I immediately wandered here and there on the internet to check the credibility of the site so that I don’t waste my money and time.

With so many incompetent tools out there that deceive users and swindle their money for third-class service, I was extra cautious. Mark my words, after reading many reviews and swiftly going through its fantastic and user-friendly website, I was sure that I had landed a jackpot. I couldn’t discover a single disappointment and invest in diib with my eyes fully open. I have never been more contented with my investment as it’s worthwhile with Diib features.


diib seo section view


It has become my silver lining in the world of e-marketing. Every aspect of this platform is impressive. All the procedures from first sign up to 3 day trial for surety and opting for a premium membership to using of diib answer engine feel so natural. The features are advanced, but anybody can use them by just following the guidelines.

The pricing model and plans are also very convenient, and the performance is above par. You will see your investment pay off within weeks as your website will begin to grow. You will observe the changes it brings in your website’s performance immediately as I did.

To make things easier for you, so that you can also benefit from this tool as I am, I have compiled a guide so that you can find everything in one place about it. This will save you time and make it easy for you to make a rational judgment. I wrote this review because I want others to experience the same ease that I have without having to research tiringly. I have vigilantly explored everything in this article to help you with your decision.

From the introduction, offerings, and key feature, to working, pricing, pros, and cons, you will find each aspect of diib examined for you. So before investing your hard-earned money, just be with us and give this a thorough read. And then decide whether it is worth for your business or not so that you reach an optimal decision!

This guide will cover all of this:

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  • What is diib
  • What does it offer?
  • Key features of diib
  • How to join diib?
  • Workings of diib
  • Pros of diib
  • Cons of diib
  • DIIB Plans and Pricing model
  • My personal experience with diib
  • DIIB Review Conclusion

So let us begin the ride that will change your online rankings forever!

What is diib?

Diib is a modern and updated website with a combination of vast features to up your keyword and SEO game. It comes with a diib Dashboard, Diib Answer Engine, Diib Tracker, Diib website analytics, and an extensive library through which you can expand your business.

All in all, it is your one-stop solution as it tells you everything you need to know about growing your website. Thus, it supports you in meeting your business objectives by increasing your traffic one analytics at a time!

What it offers:

As I discussed above, it has five main components that offer you everything. Let me explain each one in detail:

1. The Diib Dashboard

Diib dashboard is the focal point of all you’re working. It is the core of this tool and is what provides you the vital details such as Website health, Daily Health Score, Website rating, Annual Growth Opportunities, Objectives, visitors analytics, Alerts, and daily reports.

All the information is given to you in an organized manner to ease your decision-making. It is indeed a dashboard that delivers potential!


diib dashboard overview


2. The Diib Answer Engine

This offer is something that makes diib unique and more powerful from other diagnostic tools. It is an engine that scans your website to deliver a customized growth plan. It simply provides you with answers about improvement possibilities within your circle!


diib answer engine help section view


3. The Diib website analytics

This tool offers you significant analytics to gauge your performance. Not only does it measure data, but it also transforms the metrics into monetary values. This helps you to financially assess your past, improve your present, and grow in our future. It also allows you to compare yourself with other similar organizations so that you are stacked up with your industry.

4. The Diib Tracker

This simply tracks your progress as metric only cannot lead to growth. It compares your efforts and learning with past results so that you can judge how far you’ve come! It shows you your progress so that you keep going!

5. The Diib extensive library

This library, like all libraries, offers immense knowledge. It provides this in the form of helpful tips, strategic tools, and quick tutorials, which allow you to grow tremendously. All the info available is easy to understand so that users can apply them quickly.

You can find big data which can enhance your knowledge. All the sources are up to date so that you can keep up with the changing trends. It has a massive library with unlimited media such as articles, e-books, white papers, and videos.

Key features of diib:

Diib has gathered all the best features from different tools and combined them into one vast machine. You can use data from three various sources, Google Analytics, Facebook, and Google My Business so that the most valuable suggestions are brought forward for you to enhance your online business growth. From alerts, organizing, analytics, to free trial and syncing, this tool is filled with a plethora of features.

You don’t need a Ph.D. in analytics to understand these features as they deliver simple yet high-impact analysis by themselves. They are easy to use as they report to you, in a convenient and easily understandable manner by using mostly visuals without any jargon. I have outlined some of them below.


This diib website has an excellent overview. It gives Moz and Google Analytics quite a competition as it’s simple yet professional at the same time. Everything is all laid out in front of so that users can know where to find every feature at a glance. You don’t have to dig in or get overwhelmed by too many subsections!


It is FACEBOOK SYNC. This shows the brought in the data from Facebook Insights. This syncing is quite convenient to have everything in one place. With this feature, you don’t have to move back and forth on Facebook as you get the data automatically in front of you at diib.

You don’t have to bounce around and compare notes. From what you did in the past to how you should change to improve things, you will get everything. Moreover, it also tells you which time of the day and which day is best for you to post so that you can get the most traffic.

It also tells the gender preferences of your post and what kind of followers you have. Diib is just WOW, as with only one glance, you can analyze where you are right and where you are wrong. It is mostly geared toward the beginners but also has advanced analytics and functionality, which can help professionals as well. The advice and data to use are for all levels.


diib social analytics section view



This gives you all the Google Analytics information such as comparison with Google algorithm updates, calculation of the spam score, the examination of the backlinks, and much more. This feature will surprise you as it syncs perfectly.

You will get immediate suggestions on how to improve if there is a change in algorithm. DIIB gives you instant solutions to your problems as well, and you have to do nothing manually. Not only that, but it also gives you DETAILED instructions on how to step by step, apply the solution, and take care of the problem. It provides you with reasoning, as well.


You cannot expect to decide on investing money every month by just toying around with the website without being able to use it. Well, no problem here. Diib allows you to get the real experience before saying yes.

Steps to grow your business with diib

Not only can you experience the free version but also have a free trial, which gives you full access for three days. I guess three days is long enough for you to gauge its performance.

It is a great marketing strategy as three days of full-access can pretty much answer all your queries. You can make yourself comfortable as the trial period is long enough to look around thoroughly. This impressed me as the company genuinely wants you to make the right decision.


This syncing of Google My Business allows the importing of all the data regarding posts. It also provides you with advice related to the post you made and guide you on whether you should post more or not.

Diib also gives suggestions and what type of content to pursue and how to improve your writing to get more traffic. It identifies trending data so that you can remain up to date. Diib is Impressive, to say the least, as it ensures that you stay top of the marketing game!

diib data channels view



The dashboard is an excellent synopsis and reflects clearly what needs to be done. Everything is laid upfront so that you can progress without any delay. There are no frills, and the dashboard is pretty rational and straightforward. There are ‘Fix Now’ buttons everywhere, which give you immediate access and detailed steps to solve the issues identified.


The objectives are identified clearly and will impress you. They define the goals and refine them as well. Everything from, suggestions, tools, and tutorials, both written and video, are linked to the end goals.

They are also connected with financial remuneration as an increase in revenue is a significant objective. That is why it shows changes in income with each change in the objective you make as well.

diib objectives overview



The alerts feature is again awe-inspiring. They timely pop up so that you remain vigilant. No time is wasted in hunting down and then analyzing the data. Diib itself accumulated signals from different sources and present them too you in the form of alerts.

It also goes the extra mile and offers you explicit details on what these alerts relate too and why they should be worked on. Moreover, it also provides info on how to deal with them.


diib alerts overview


How to join Diib?

Joining diib is an easy task. All you have to do is go to its website to make an account. Creating an account is open for all and requires only a few seconds. Anyone with a website can make it as sign up requires only your site address.

There are both free and paid versions, so the rest is up to you. The paid version is more advanced, but the procedure to join is the same for both of them. It will be better for you to become a premium member as it benefits your business more. All the data is customized as per your needs.

All you need to do to become a premium member is to choose a plan according to your business traffic and pay the minimal fee. So to take the first step towards increasing your traffic is to join dib’s intelligent AI now. It will only consume little time but will bring about a significant change!


Join diib add

Workings of diib:

Here is how it works:

  • Open the website which is easy to reach, easy to understand and has a smooth UI
  • Sign Up
  • Add your website
  • Sync it with Google Analytics
  • Sync with Facebook and Google My Business whenever you want. It hardly takes 5 minutes.
  • After Syncing, it will scan every single data and start working in its style.
  • After all the scanning work, it will transform your metrics into real dollar values.
  • On the main dashboard, it will show the possible scope of annual growth.
  • It will also highlight website rating, summarized objectives along with alerts in a summarized form.
  • Visitor’s details will also be provided, such as the percentage of visitors with different devices, returning visitors, gender, timing, returning ones, and much more.
  • Diib Answer Engine will create a customized growth plan for your business.
  • For a more detailed analysis of objectives and alerts, you can access them separately by clicking on their tabs present on the sidebar.
  • Industry-Based Ranking is also available, which shows your site’s annual value and how well it is performing in your industry.
  • Custom Learning Tracks for business’s online presence are there as well so that you can discover lucrative opportunities.
  • Many articles, videos, and custom solutions can be found in the library, which can be tied to your simple revenue-based KPI.
  • Facebook bounce rate is reduced as well as Facebook followers are kept engaged with better content.
  • Changes are recommended immediately.
  • The possible impact of any changes on numbers is also shown side by side.
  • Diib tracker track all progress and is responsible for setting new objectives daily.
  • Diib SEO highlights all the bad-backlinks, Search volume, Keyword Ranking, and much more significant analytics.
  • Syncing of Google My Business leads to advice on the posts you made as it imports all info regarding it.
  • Syncing with Facebook imports all data from Facebook Insights to enhance your performance on this social platform

Diib Pros:

  • Ease of use.
  • Very affordable.
  • Easy to understand, no technical language
  • Up-to-date and contemporary
  • It provides a sensible and straight forward suggestion which works.
  • Fast and precise scanning
  • True website rating and
  • Genuinely helps in increasing visitors and reach.
  • The library is extensive.
  • All data available is easy to reach and understand
  • The tracking of progress is also quick and efficient.
  • Changes can be made instantly and save automatically.
  • Social pages and progress can be monitored in a much more competent way.
  • A one-stop-shop for all your marketing under one umbrella
  • Professional data and advice from reliable sources.
  • Very straight forward, no hiding or number games,

Diib Cons

  • Bad-backlinking finding has issues.
  • Some objectives and alerts repeat even after finishing them.
  • Sometimes objectives depend on other irrelevant websites and search engine which you cannot change.

DIIB Plans and Pricing

The first three days trial period is free for all first-time users. But then onwards there are plans for each member that depends upon the amount of traffic on their website. The plans are priced between $9.99 per month to $29.99 per month. You can even get discounts as I did me to cut down the price even more. Each plan is different; that is why they are charged differently. The more costly plans have more features and can support more traffic.

So I must say that each plan has its worth and you should be the one deciding the choice as per your business’s needs. All in all, the pricing is quite economical, and you will find that diib is well worth the money. Each penny you spend will be paid back by additional traffic. So no matter what the investment, it will eventually pay off!

Diib health analysis for your site

My personal experience with diib:

I have used it for months and have never faced any disappointments so far. From initial discovery to choosing plans, payments, and analytics, everything has gone smoothly. Be it Search console or analytics. Everything has fulfilled my needs.

My website indeed relies on it, and it has been a great companion from the very beginning. I was also skeptical at first about investing more money in SEO tool, but now with diib, I feel different. It has proved me wrong by being efficient and producing results. Not only has it reduced my workload, which is really helpful, but it has genuinely improved my website rating within months.

I am mostly swamped, so it was great to have someone look after my business even better than me. It kept me top of the game without worrying much. It highlighted the problems before they could grow bigger and found for me effective solutions instantaneously.

My favorite feature is the answer engine, which has resolved all my queries in a timely and effective fashion. The speed at which it processes everything also amazed me. I have already recovered what I have invested, and my business is continuously growing.

As I wasn’t much of an IT geek, I thought maybe it would be difficult for me to uses it. But diib proved me wrong here as well. It is so simple to use and provides such easy-to-follow instructions that anyone can understand it. It even explains the ‘why’ in straight forward manners and guides you to grow your business one step at a time. In my ten years of business running experience, nothing has been this simplified, and this successful as well.

So the only words about it that I have are “diib surely is one hell of marketing software which your business definitely needs and is well worth investing in. It is indeed an invaluable resource for continually improving your site “.

If you’re searching for a second opinion for this great site, please watch David Ferguson‘s video on YouTube about diib:

DIIB Review Conclusion:

You might think all of this is exaggerated and paid for, but sending my reader without providing them benefit is not my cup of tea. I joined diib through an add, fearing that I will be scammed. But trust me, all my fears were wrongly placed.

I was pleasantly surprised that this is not just another half-ass program that is for compiling synced data and outputs generalizations. It is personalized as per your business and truly helps your business grow.

It is a strong force, and it is making the whole industry talking. Diib is giving some severe completion to the already established big boys as it charges less, is more uncomplicated, easy-to-follow, and is more extensive as well.

It is also more reliable as it utilizes use trusted resources and provides professional data recommendations, which I know from experience makes it a sound and trustworthy marketing software. So jump the bandwagon because your hard-earned money and business will be in safe hands.

Diib growth plan for website visitors

I only recommend it because I feel it can change the game for you as well as it did for me. I am addicted to it and use it daily, which is astonishing because I previously never believed in such tools.

It has changed my perspective and trust me. It will change yours as well. So far, 5 out of 5 stars from my side, looking forward to your input as well!

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