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If we talk about social media, Facebook is one of the most used websites for connecting with other people. Facebook allows you sharing content and promoting products or services in all the community that lives connected.

Many businesses or entrepreneurs use affiliate marketing. This is no more than the promotion of products and services in exchange for a commission per selling to generate or increase its incomes.

Sending spam to all the contacts and groups doesn’t guarantee that the promotion of products and services is successful, and even less the possibility of closing a sell. On the contrary, it generates inconvenience to the users.

For correctly making Facebook affiliate marketing, the first thing that you have to know is that you must offer quality content. Strategically using status updates can be of help.

Facebook affiliate marketing guide

The monetization on Facebook will be possible if you evaluate the following variables:

  • Having real followers on your page and segmented. To generate income on Facebook, the audience cannot be false and must be divided by country, common interests, among other aspects.
  • The activity on the Facebook page must be continuous. Keep the page active, update progressively.
  • Counting with an elevated link. Your Facebook page must have a high performance.

In this article, we will show you the aspects that you must consider when doing affiliate marketing on Facebook:

Useful content for your audience

If what you want is for the products or services to be pleasing to your audience, the first thing you should do is focus your efforts on offering quality content. Not only do you seek to publish how excellent the product or service is, but you must also show what benefits and difficulties you may have.

When you dedicate to just posting affiliate links and constantly send emails to your contacts to buy the products, you will not be able to obtain their interest, but they will get annoyed.

The creation of useful content for the audience makes you get recognition and trust. With this, more likes will be generated, which is synonymous with having a good positioning.

Teaching to your audience the pros and cons of products and services is an excellent way of creating empathy and credibility.

Facebook offers free training which we suggest you take advantage of.

Facebook courses for business

Product affiliate programs related to your Facebook page

Affiliate programs provide you with an identification to start with this type of marketing. A very important point is that you must take into account are the recognized brands that have credibility in the market.

You should look for a website with good positioning and traffic to promote their products or services. One thing you should not forget, these products must be related to your content so that they can have the interest of your followers.

There are many affiliate programs of excellent reputation, so it is worth evaluating which one best suits your content and objectives. Amazon currently has a very competitive affiliate program in the market.

The products or services that you are going to promote must be of quality and aligned with the likes and interests of your followers. This will make that your Facebook page generates commission income.

Publications of appropriate links

Affiliate links represent the link to make a purchase and obtain the desired commission. It is for this reason that you should know that on Facebook, it is not attractive to just post the link and hope that because of this, the money will arrive – it is not like that!

For managing a good promotion and strengthen the bond of trust with the audience, an excellent way to publish the links is when the potential client has requested it. Since he/she seeks to know more about the product or service that you show in your content.

Then, in this case, you should seek to specify with the largest number of people potential sales, instead of filling your Facebook page with affiliate links. If you deliver content that is attractive to the users, they will not hesitate to contact you.

A way of establishing these connections with potential clients is through Facebook Messenger.

You can use Facebook to promote Wealthy Affiliate, which is one of the best sites to learn about digital marketing on the internet. This will also help you to increase the visits to your wall.

Making the marketing list

A marketing list is a guide of contacts who are interested in your content, products, or services. This list handles names, addresses, emails, and phone numbers.

The promotion of affiliate links should not be just sending or publishing the links because that would be very basic. Building an email list and sending affiliate offers is a more effective way to increase the chances of making a sale.

Creating contacts

If any user contacts you through Facebook, do not immediately send the affiliate link, without even asking what they are looking for.

You must handle the conversation in such a way that you can obtain the information that you can use to specify the sale of an affiliated product. The goal is to know what their needs are or what problems they are presenting. This will create a better relationship with the possible client.

Presenting alternatives and possible solutions will make you gain the trust of potential clients. Effective communication is the biggest weapon in affiliate marketing.

Show videos reviews and links of products

In the variety of content, the fortress of marketing by affiliation can be found. By introducing not just articles but videos, as well, you will maintain the interest of the audience.

Through a good video, you will be able to obtain a higher audience, and also, you can create tutorials or reviews where you show the affiliation products.

Links of your blog on Facebook

An alternative to promote your blog content on Facebook is to include affiliate links. Do not just share the link on your Facebook wall. You must look for the best way that the audience feels interest by presenting excellent quality articles where these products are displayed.

Facebook group for links and contacts

Facebook groups are excellent for maintaining communication with the audience, and by representing the group administrator, you take an authority figure.

It is always a good idea to take advantage of the free courses Facebook offers.

Free Facebook courses for business

Through these groups, you can send your product links or affiliate services to those who are interested. One way to create bonds with users is to represent a medium to learn about these products and how to use them correctly.

Active listening is an essential element in establishing marketing strategies. If you know what is fine and what can be improved with affiliate products, you can improve and offer solutions to your customers.


For making affiliate marketing on Facebook, you must establish strategies. Do not post affiliate links on Facebook without having clear projections. Consider firstly what your followers are looking for and what their likes are.

The key is to create quality content that is useful for your followers. This will create bonds of trust, and people will be more receptive to the promotion of affiliate products.

Do not show only articles; look for attractive alternatives for your followers. You can have images, videos, infographics, and graphics, among others. Make a difference on Facebook!

Affiliate products or services must be closely linked with your content so that they are interesting for your followers.

Having a good reputation and positioning on Facebook for your content and the number of followers will be the starting point for making possible the affiliate marketing!

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