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YouTube is one of the most used digital platforms nowadays. If you want to watch a good music video or a movie, search tutorials, or varied information, this is without any doubt the first option.

There is no end of choices, from old songs, movies of different genders, tutorials about products, and even those videos that become trending and show unusual things.

This Google platform has more than one million subscribed users, and at every instant, this number increases.

YouTube is one of the audiovisual platforms more quoted online. Its users represent one-third of all the Internet universe.

The functioning of YouTube is simple and intuitive for the users. This platform counts with some functions and sections that we can get the most out of.

Now we will show you some suggestions to obtain the best of this tool full of contents:

Get the best from YouTube

One situation very uncomfortable is that due to a slow connection, the videos that you want to play don’t load as fast as you want.

For solving this issue, you can set up You Tube’s buffering in function of your needs with the Smart Videos extension.

This will allow you in that if you have a video on pause, it will continue loading, which is a great advantage.

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Transform any video in a GIF

For expressing emotions, a lot of people use GIFs. Maybe you have always wanted to make one, and you don’t know how to do it.

Do not worry. It’s very simple. For doing it, you just have to place in the video’s address and edit the URL, putting the word “gif” before the word “YouTube.”

The link would be as the following:……..

At the moment of doing this step, automatically, a new tab will be opened for you to create the GIF. In this section, you can cut it, paste it, and add texts and effects to it.

When it is ready, you can save it for downloading it and sharing it on social media.

Add subtitles to the videos

If you have inconvenient with the language, you can include subtitles in any YouTube video. For doing it, you must click the icon that is located in the lower right part of the player.

With this, a menu where you can activate the subtitles option will appear.

If the subtitles can be translated as well, it is easy to do it. For this, you must select the option of changing languages and after click to translate automatically. You will be able to enjoy any video without its language.

Block advertisement

Come on, who hasn’t suffered with this? You are watching a movie or a video, and suddenly, from nowhere, an advertisement appears. Without any doubt, this ruins the things in some circumstances.

For saying goodbye to these advertisements, you can download an Adblock for YouTube extension if you manage Google Chrome.

Create a link for starting the playing of a video when you decide

You don’t have to send the link of a video to a friend and tell him that it becomes interesting at some number of minutes from the beginning of the video.

Instead, you can create a link that starts from that specific and interesting moment.

Doing this procedure is simple; you must open the video and click the option “Share” that is located in the low part of the title.

At the moment of clicking, a menu with many options will appear where you must select the known “Start in.”

With this option, you can establish a fragment of time for the video to start.

Share, create and collaborate with the playlist of videos

In the platform of YouTube, you can make playlists of videos, these can be private, public, or shared with other users. These playlists are really useful for organizing the content.

If you want to create a playlist, go to the page of “Playlist” and click the icon of “Creator Studio” that is in the right part of the section. From there, you click on “Video Administrator,” which is on the left bar.

Once you have finished with this step, you go to the section of “New Playlist” in the higher right part, and you choose if you want to make it private, hide, or public.

For adding friends to your playlist, you just have to go to the playlist section and open the playlist that you want to share with your friends. You click on the playlist settings section and select the tab “collaborate.”

Once you have invited your friends to collaborate with the playlist, they will be able to add new videos to it. They can also delete videos that were added previously to the list.

Include clickable links in your videos

Do you want to keep the users hanged to your videos? In this platform, you will have the option of including clickable links in your videos; they receive the name of “annotations.”

The annotations have an operation mode similar to the action calls buttons. In this way, the users will have a link to subscribe to your channel, offer your products, proportionate information from other sources, among other things.

For the world of digital marketing, this tool represents an excellent alternative. Through these links, many users can visit the website where the interesting content or the products that are being offered can be found.

These links or annotations can be added after you have checked that your YouTube account is verified and that it has the external links available.

Once you have checked these aspects, you search for the “Video Administrator” section. You first click on the tab “My Channel” and then click on “video Administrator.”

After finishing the previous step, you select the video which you want to add the annotations or links to and then click on the arrow that is next to “modify.” You select the option “Final screen” and annotations.

Promote content through the final screen of your videos

Do you look for maintaining the spectators informed with the latest updates of your content? YouTube shows you the option of creating personalized final screens.

Like that, users can watch in your channel suggestions from other videos and interesting websites.

You can create these screens in the following way: You look for the “Video Administrator” section and click on “Modify.” Then, you select “Final screen” and “Annotations” in the menu that will appear.

In this part, you will observe the Creator Studio for the final screens. Here you will have the option of modifying the background and elements with different templates.

Once this has been done, you click on the menu of “Add element,” choosing like that where you desire to send the users with the final screen.

That way, the users will always know about everything that happens on your channel.

Final Aspects

You can improve your experience in this platform if you search a little bit more about the functions and updates. As it is a Google platform, it is constantly renewing.

  • If you look for interactive options for promoting content, products, or services, this platform gives you an endless repertoire of alternatives.
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