Grow Your Brand in 2021

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Like every other aspect of life, 2020 was a turbulent year that changed several businesses’ dimensions.

The economic impact of Covid-19 is still ongoing. In these times, your business strategy and how your business is responding to this crisis are shaping it for many coming years.

Grow Your Brand in 2021

Either you are a successful brand, a struggling business, or merely a small proprietorship, here are few practical ways you can sustain and grow your business in 2021.

The virtual business should be your priority in 2021

Research-based evidence shows that businesses with solid virtual presence responded to economic shocks of 2020 better than businesses with no online representation.

Unfortunately, the pandemic is still here. A strong virtual presence is important for your business in 2021 more than ever.

Build portal of your products/services, increase your social media presence, run a blog, broadcast messages to your mailing lists, et cetera. If you are still not selling products and services online, immediately invest in them.

As a vendor, make developing a flawless product distribution channel your priority of 2021.

It should complement your target market shopping patterns of your targeted market. Ensure contact-less deliveries for lockdown orders.

If you are a small brand and cannot afford to invest in virtual services, consider selling products on Amazon, Ali Express, Etsy, etc.  

Develop IT services

In the work-from-home market of 2021, stable IT infrastructure is stable for businesses to run smoothly.

Invest in the right sort of training and technology as per the needs of your business. If you do not have a very tech-savvy team or your business doesn’t have/need an established IT department, get help from companies providing IT services.

These services include managing and providing required IT services, data backup/recovery services, network security services, etc.

Ensure consistent presence on social media

Lockdown added millions of new users all across social media. Currently, the number of social media users stands at 3.8 Billion and increasing. If your business is already not represented on social media, it is right time you sign-up for it.

Just like virtual presence, without effective social media presence, your business might struggle to sustain and grow in 2021.

Social media is a free accessible medium for everyone with thousands of potential customers. People don’t only use it to connect with people they know but brands too.

Establishing traffic on these pages might take some time and effort, but results are worth it. Some ways you can build traffic are

  • Offer special promotional discounts to your followers.
  • Hold online contest
  • Post some of your products/services on your page and offer a flat sale on those.
  • Use the comment section and inbox to interact with customers. This interaction can be sources of primary data about what and what is not working for your business.
  • Encourage people to leave reviews and use your accounts as customer service platforms for your brand.
  • Follow famous trends online. For example, KFC currently received an overwhelming response from internet users for using a famous meme format and posting it across its social media accounts to throw shades on McDonald’s and Burger King.

Get help from industry influencers

From affiliate marketing to top predicted SEO trends to growing business, you will find influencers everywhere.

In 2021 and upcoming years, influencers will be the most important part of the marketing industry. They are the best tool at your disposal to grow your business.

A growing business is all about reaching a new audience. With the help of the right industry influencer, their single social media post can take you to these new audiences and potential clients.

Marketing with the help of influencers falls in the category of paid social marketing strategy.

Grow your brand

Surrounding business with influencers bears long-term benefits too. Once a celebrity or an influential person endorses your product/service for a while, people start associating your business name with them, which can aid in brand growth and gain business credibility.

Enlist on ‘Google My Business (GMB)’

People all across the world reach Google for products and services. Enlisted businesses on GMB appear on Google searches and Maps.

If your business is not registered on Google My Business, it should be your priority task 2021. It will help your business appear in google search whenever the search is done for relevant keywords to it.

It also helps to get known and drive a lot of traffic from your business’s surroundings. And last but not least, GMB listing shows that you are a credible business and not a scam.

Most people search about a brand before actually making a purchase. When every other business is on GMB, your business not appearing in search makes people suspicious about your services, resulting in the loss of a potential customer.

Invest in paid Advertisement

Paid advertisement is an investment that pays off. In 2021 it can pay you off more as people sitting in their homes are looking for ads relevant to their needs.

Paid advertisement is the best strategy to boost sales and traffic, brand awareness/recognition, and business growth.

You can do paid advertisements using pop-up ads, google ads, pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement, publish content, remarketing, targeted advertisement campaigns, and above all, paid ads on social media.

Step-Up customer services

Good customer services can increase how often a customer buys for you. It can also help get good word of mouth from a satisfied customer where he/she encourages others to buy from you or leave reviews on your website/page, positively impacting others.

Some ways to better customer services are adding elaborate FAQs section on your website, good response-rate, resolving issues and concerns of customers, offering return warranties, making it easy for customers to reach you, and offering some incentives to loyal customers.

Get found on Search Engines

Investing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is also a part of paid digital advertisement.

According to Forbes, the top five paid ads on search engines can help you receive 67.5 percent of the searchers’ clicks. In 2021, where virtual businesses will be more in than virtual businesses, SEO should be in your consideration if you want to grow.

Besides the tons of free and paid SEO software, you can also take the help of SEO experts to boost your website’s rankings.

Start a referral program

With a referral program, you can turn your customers and employers into your active marketers.

You can offer some discount of sin benefit in return. Coming up with a good referral will encourage more people to utilize your product/services and spread your business.

It is a win-win situation for both parties where business enjoys more sales, growth, and revenues whereas referee gets to offered incentives.


Just like 2020, 2021 will continue to change the dimensions of the market. Here is a summary of strategies you should adopt to grow your business in 2021.

Not only for this year, but these tips and strategies will also put your business on the path of growth for many coming years.

  • Make establishing and running a virtual business your priority.
  • Develop your IT infrastructure.
  • Ensure consistent presence on social media platforms
  • Get help from industry influencers
  • Enlist business on Google My Business
  • Invest in paid advertisement
  • Invest in SEO and get found on search engines
  • Start referral programs
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