How to create an Affiliate Pin?

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An affiliate pin is a pin that links back to an affiliate link. Clicking on the pin takes the person to the product for which the promotional pin was posted.

Affiliate Pin is the term used for making pins on Pinterest using affiliate marketing. Pinterest is used worldwide. If you are also one of the users of Pinterest, there’s a piece of good news for you.

This article has all the information about AffiliatePin, making an AffiliatePin, it’s marketing and answer to all your contemporary question.

Learning about making and marketing this pin on Pinterest can help you to earn a fortune from home like many others.

AffiliatePin wasn’t very popular because of the Pinterest ban on using affiliate links. Now that this ban is no-more, Pinterest is an emerging affiliate marketing site.

You don’t have to pay anything to use Pinterest, but you can make money on it more than a 9 to 5 job. All you have to do is to use effective strategies to engage traffic and prepare the right pins.

To get optimum results, you must know:

  • How to create an affiliate pin?
  • Choosing the right board
  • Optimizing Pinterest boards before creating pins
  • Increasing exposure for Affiliate pins/boards/links

Let’s discuss these things separately.

How to create an AffiliatePin?

Sure, income from affiliate marketing is better than anything, but spending time with contemporary things can be a mass.

These things include spending time on promoting your affiliate links through different strategies. With Pinterest, just develop a popular affiliate pin to engage your followers, and you can get better results than other mediums.

Before actually starting to make an AffiliatePin, you’ll need affiliate products. Several programs offer affiliate products from where you can get yours.

While making a choice, strictly stick to your niche on Pinterest. Several products will fascinate you on affiliate programs, but if you choose a product contrasting your niche, you’ll lose Pinterest followers.

Once you get the product, you’ll get an affiliate link automatically from the program. The pin is made for this link.

Clicking on this pin directs potential users directly to your promotional link. In case the affiliate program doesn’t give you a pin image, you also have to make it before processing with AffiliatePin.

You can create it using photography software and stock images.

Affiliate pin banner

Making a pin:

When you fulfill all these things, now it’s time to make a pin. There are two ways to do it:

  • Using Pinterest (manual method)
  • Using Tailwind (scheduler method)

Manual AffiliatePin generation:

  • Go to
  • Click the create pin option on the home page.
  • A new tab will appear. It has several options i.e., title, description of the pin, board, URL of affiliate link for the pin, and pin image. Fill all these credentials. For illustration, whatever photo you are uploading, it should be vertical. After uploading an image, add URL and then finally add a description. This description should be clear. It will help Pinterest to understand about your product and its niche. Use relevant keywords and hashtags.
  • Click Save. The AffiliatePin is ready.

Scheduler AffiliatePin generation:

Scheduler pins are generated through Tailwind, a scheduler which automates the pin. As name shows, using Tailwind, you can schedule ahead pins.

For example, you need a pin do use after some days using this feature you can send later today and schedule it for your desire day.

The prior method launches the key on the same day when they are generated. Following these steps, you create a pin on Tailwind:

  • Go to the tailwind dashboard.
  • Click on create a new pin button.
  • Upload your pin image
  • Add your description with your disclosure.
  • Change the URL with which the pin is linked. Click on where the URL is. Delete the address which is connected to the pin.
  • Insert your affiliate link in the URL bar
  • Next, you’ll find boards. Fill these boards with information that when you want to launch the pin. If you are planning to launch several pins, add appropriate intervals. Over-burdening can ruin your profile.
  • Your pins are ready and in the queue.

Choosing the right board

Choosing the right board is essential because the Pinterest algorithm is going to recognize your affiliate link because of it.

Usually, Pinterest affiliate marketing doesn’t give you fruit if you choose the right board. Use as many relevant keywords and hashtags as possible.

Try to actively look for the boards relevant to the niche of your pin.

Posting a pin on generic, all niches boards is one of the biggest don’ts with Affiliate pin.  When you share a new pin, the Pinterest algorithm goes to work to figure out what that pin is about.

The new pin is determined based on the image, keywords, and the boards where the pin is saved.

Due to the massive amount of other pins on all-niches boards, the Pinterest algorithm will simply miss yours.

If you are a beginner, adopt the strategy to post on the group boards. It can maximize the reach. But keep posting on your board too.

Personal boards are a better performer for SEO than group boards. Use maximum keywords in the description to optimize your pin among the pins with similar keywords.

AffiliatePin Banner

Optimizing Pinterest boards before creating pins

Though we are bringing up this point after making and publishing things, you still should take it in an account at the very beginning.

Before you start posting, your board should reflect your niche. There are several other boards on Pinterest.

If a follower or potential customer will have trouble in understanding what you’re offering, they’ll simply move to somewhere else.

Following a few things can be a great help in optimizing your board.

  • Give special attention to the description to pin’s description as well as a general profile description.
  • Write engaging but simple titles.
  • Find and use relevant keywords. Especially use these in title.
  • Post multiple pins on your board as per the interest of your target market.
  • Choose the board relevant to your product. Posting on an irrelevant place means showing the product to unrelated people. It will just waste your time and effort.

Increasing exposure for Affiliate pins, boards, and links

This is similar to optimizing exposure of other affiliate links. You are free to use these links on your social media platforms.

If you are running a blog or website in a similar niche, share your pin there. With sharing, write an article or blog about your product.

Aware people about it. Tell them how the product can help them. Do not exaggerate about the product.

Try to stay honest, teach people, and let them make decisions on-ground realities.

In case if a person makes a purchase because of your exaggeration, and it turns out useless for him, it would damage your credibility.

Making catchy pins:

Now that all key points are covered, let’s uncover a few points which can attract a person towards your pins.

Keeping things simple and clear:

More complex or twisted description or pin, more chances of losing a follower. Making things difficult to understand can also make people suspicious about the credibility of the product.

Keep titles relevant and specific with keywords in the body. Instead of using very bright colors, use warm colors. That too, with medium intensity. These colors are more attractive than sharp colors.

Avoiding horizontal pins at all cost:

As described prior, the choice of creating a horizontal or vertical pin is when you are uploading pin images. Pinterest is flooded with straight pins.

If you also use it, un-consciously people will pass by them. Horizontal pins are capable of standing out quickly.

Give importance to your choice of image:

One thing is similar between all successful  AffiliatePin users; their image quality. Try to find a high-definition image.

Make a little investment in purchasing high-quality professional or stock photos. It might seem a burden on the pocket initially, but this investment will pay you back.

Also, do not use irrelevant photos just because they are of high quality.

Easy to read and understand:

If you are thinking that using different fonts is capable of making your pin more attractive, then you are wrong.

Using twisted and not so standard fonts can make your pin challenging to read. If a user has even the slightest trouble in reading it, the chances are high that he will just stop reading it and pass.

Target keywords phrases:

Spend some time searching for the right keywords. You must stick to using keywords that most of the people use when they are looking for the solution which you are providing.

You do internet research about it or e-survey among customers.

Some other important points:

As it is all about affiliate marketing, keep in mind that disclosing the affiliate links is mandatory.

As per laws (from federal trade commission), if you are promoting an affiliate product, you must disclose it, or you could be fine.

You can use keywords for this or hashtags i.e., #AffiliateLink #Promoted in your description.

Also, double-check if the owner of the product is okay with using an affiliate link on Pinterest. SME’s don’t have any issue with this, but usually big companies don’t allow it.

You can take the example of Amazon. Their massive portion of business relies on Affiliate marketing, yet they don’t allow marketers to use these links on Pinterest.

You can successfully start AffiliatePin marketing on Pinterest without any background, but putting some effort is always a good idea.

Try to generate some traffic on social media on blogs so you can utilize Pinterest and those mediums at the same time to earn.

Besides all this, keep the URL full-length. Tracking mechanism doesn’t work well for short URL addresses.


Earning from the ease of home is everyone’s dream. Using AffiliatePin strategically can fulfill your dream and help you to make a fortune.

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