How to earn money using affiliate links?

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One of the most used tactics to generate incomes consist of affiliate marketing because it allows you to earn commissions for promoting products and services from outside companies or bloggers like you.

The first thing that you have to know is that the most common use of an affiliated link consists basically in the action of when a blogger recommends a product or service through a link. That can redirect the user to the website where he/she can get the product or service that they are looking for.

When the sale is complete, the blogger who made the promotion or recommendation will receive some part of the earnings.

How to earn money using affiliate links?

Different companies offer this kind of affiliation service, considering what percentage of the sale will receive the blogger and how long the post will be available on the site.

This technique has a lot of advantages, if you want to get earning without many efforts because you don’t have to invest a lot of time creating new products, neither offer customer support or service for the product, since this is the responsibility of the company.

But like in any other business there are not only positive aspects, there are negative aspects as well. Such as the fact that the clients you get for these affiliated companies are not your customers; which means, that you will not be able to offer other products or services through this link, the percentage of commissions it’s not so high and the number of promotions as an affiliate per year is limited since this can annoy your audience.

Another thing that you should know is that not only by placing the link in your blog, you will earn money. You must invest time and effort to promote these products or services as if they were your own since users can see the link and not buy anything.

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That is why we will show you what aspects you should know to use affiliate links in your blog as a monetization strategy, where through the commissions obtained from sales, you can obtain another source of income:

Know your audience

This point is key because if you know the needs and preferences of your readers, you can promote products that can catch their attention to your blog. Your commercial approach must be based on an offer to your audience products or services related to the theme you explain in your blog.

You must remember that to keep the interest of readers is the most important thing, which is why you should not promote products that are not consistent with the content of your blog. Spend part of your time looking for affiliate companies related to the theme that you are offering.


Maintaining a good reputation is essential, so you should recommend or promote products or services that are reliable to your user. If you show in your blog products or services that you have used or acquired, it will be helpful because that way, you can provide first-hand information about the product, and with this, you will create a trust bond with the customers.

If you take the risk and start to promote products that you know absolutely nothing about, you can be offering your audience products that are not of interest or do not have the quality they are looking for, so you can lose their attention and trust.

Another important thing that you must take into account is checking the website that you will use to promote your blog, in this case, we can recommend you Wealthy Affiliate, which is a trustful website know for a lot of people and with a high traffic, to things that you must consider promoting a link.

Share your experience

To catch the interest of your user to your blog and make sure that they can go further than just to click on the link you are showing, and acquire the product or service that you are promoting, there is no better strategy than to relate your experience with what you want to sell.

Showing a proper description of the products, its advantages and disadvantages is a very useful way for the users of your blog and potential customers of affiliated companies to assess whether that product is really of interest or if it can adapt to their needs. Videos or tutorial articles of the products that are promoted in the blog are a very favorable mechanism in the affiliate marketing.

Product quality

To obtain sales, the fundamental thing is to offer quality products, that is why you must make sure that the products or services that you promote in your blog meet the needs and expectations of your target customers.

You can create affiliate links for products or services that come from websites with an excellent reputation, and that can show the attractive cover for sale.

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Marketing mechanism

There are many ways to make that users click on the link to purchase a product or service; this way, you get a commission for the sale. Next, we will mention the most used mechanism:

Banner for the product or service

In the market, some products suppliers offer ads of their products or banners with different designs or sizes that can be placed anywhere in the blog.

This is a great alternative to make advertisements; it can catch the customer’s attention by its design, and this is the first step to complete the sale.

Article description of the product or service

With this alternative, you can promote the products or services through a detailed description of them, so that way the customers know their characteristics and specifications.


This is a great option to promote products because, with this tool, you will explain to the customers how to use these products and what benefits they can expect when they acquire them.

Traffic indicators

However, you should not just invest time in the research for products that are consistent with what you show in your blog. You also have to take into account that the more people see your blog, the more options you will have that they get interested in the products that you promote and be willing to acquire them. That is why you should seek to create a faithful community for your blog.


Do not saturate the blog with advertisements and promotions as this can generate annoyance in the readers, which will end in the loss of interest. You should have a balance between the content you show and the promotions of products and services.

Recommendations for you

  • If you are going to choose for affiliate links in your blog, look for products or services that can give you benefits to your readers and complement the content that you show in your blog.
  • The search for the products or services to be promoted must be in recognized market places.
  • Evaluate the quality of the products you are going to promote through affiliate links, in which market it is positioned, its demand, advantages, and disadvantages.
  • Be honest with your readers, remember always offers products or services of which you have references, this will help you to have confidence.
  • Do not flood the blog with too many ads and promotions; look for the balance between the content you show and the affiliate links.


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