How to find Affiliate Marketers to Sell your Product?

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Affiliate marketing is a win-win situation for both vendor and affiliate marketer.

For vendors, others do all the marketing of their products/services, and they do not have to pay a single penny until there is an actual sale.

Affiliate marketers help vendors to grow site traffic; increase customers and revenues; cut the marketing cost.

How to find Affiliate Marketers to Sell your Product?

Affiliate marketers also enjoy numerous perks in Affiliate marketing. Without spending any money or investment, they can earn a handsome amount from the ease of home.

Anyone can do affiliate marketing with their actual job/business to make an additional income. All it needs is some time and effort.

For every business, there are a lot of affiliates ready to promote the product. But finding the right affiliate for your product can be challenging. Affiliate marketing is entirely a performance-based thing.

You do not have to pay sellers anything to your sellers until they bring results to the table, but working with the wrong affiliates can be a waste of time for both parties.

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Here are the 11 ways any business can use to find the perfect affiliate for their products and services:

1. Affiliate Program Sites

These sites act as a bridge between marketers and vendors. Vendors list their product, marketers get in touch with these vendors, the commission is decided, and affiliates get their commission through the affiliate network whenever there is a sale/lead.

Affiliate marketing networks make money by getting a minor cut in fees generated or by signing-up fees.

Some of the popular and transparent programs are ClickBank, ShareASale, MaxBounty, JVZoo, Target Affiliates, 2CheckOut,, ClickFunnel, and ABestWeb. These programs are either free to sign-up or charge a minor one-time fee.

Besides offering a medium, these forums also offer courses, tips, and techniques about affiliate marketing, finding a niche, studying the market, et cetera.

As a newbie, this content can help you to become successful in the world of affiliate marketing.

2. Get in Touch with Influencers

Using the promotion of influencers of your niche is a great way to direct traffic to your website and generate a sale.

Influencers usually have good traffic on their social media and blogs. You can send them a promotional package of your product in return for promotion, bringing traffic and generating sales.

But the best way to use influencers’ help is signing a proper affiliate link to an influencer, get it promoted by influencers, and paying them the amount of commission on each sale.

Local influencers and some big celebrities also do affiliate marketing, such as Kylie Jenner for hair supplements, biggest YouTube influencer PewDiePie for gaming accessories, et cetera.

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3. Get help from Niche Bloggers

Niche bloggers have targeted audiences on their blogs specific to their niche only. Even if these bloggers do not have fat traffic on their blog, the chances of sales are still high because of their affiliate marketing.

People consider products recommendation by these bloggers in their niches more valid because they have a reputation and expertise in the specific field.

4. Get in touch with customers who rated your products highly

Giving your existing customers the benefit of commission is a great way of affiliate marketing. These customers can use their good experience to attract other people to your business.

Customers can use word of mouth and personal experience, a powerful marketing tool compared to any other marketing strategy.

Rewarding your customers for their affiliate efforts and brand loyalty is also a good way to build a positive brand image and attract more customers to become your affiliate marketer.

Write blog posts or use email marketing to get in touch with your customers.

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5. Make your Affiliate program visible

Try to make your affiliate program as visible as possible.

Put affiliate program link on your website’s home page, insert its information into the website’s footer, and dedicate a proper section of your website to affiliate sign-up information and process – that too in a prominent place.

6. Make your Affiliate program attractive

There are loads of affiliate programs offering unbelievable commission rates. To attract good affiliate marketers, your offering must be attractive. Otherwise, people always have another option.

If your products are not very costly, we recommend keeping a commission of 15%-20% at least.

Quick payments release is also a way to attract affiliate – usually, affiliate brands take multiple days to months to clear dues.

Giving bonuses and incentives to good performing affiliates also encourages them to perform better.

7. Keep everything transparent

On the page on your website about your affiliate program, try to give as many details as possible. Keep everything simple and straightforward. Avoid hidden terms and conditions.

Mention everything about commission structure, payment method, payment withdrawal, withdrawal durations, and cookie length. Transparency makes sure to affiliates that your offer is not fraudulent.

It also helps to build a good reputation among the affiliate community.

8. Recruit Affiliates through Social Media Platforms

Using social media wisely for your business can boost sales and increase traffic on your website. It is also a free and key medium to recruit and attract affiliate marketers for your products.

Post blogs about affiliate programs on your pages and promote them to reach more people. Put up details of your programs via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn posts.

Try to get creative and use the trending topics in your posts to attract people.

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You can also post in groups and forums related to your niche on these platforms.

Moreover, use Facebook/Twitter/Instagram ads or get in touch with people with a good following to promote your affiliate program.

Bonus tip: when you post via open-source mediums, you attract a lot of people. Unfortunately, not everyone is fit to become an affiliate. If you are new in affiliate marketing, it is best to help an affiliate manager recruit and design your affiliate program.

These people are experts in this field. They can come up with the best strategy to attract affiliates and make your affiliate program successful.

9. Use Online Advertisement

Google Ads and advertisements on social media platforms are good ways to promote an affiliate program and connect with affiliates.

You have to spend some money on this option, but the results can be surprising.

10. Make your Employees your Affiliates

Just like customers, your employees can also be your outstanding affiliates. They have better knowledge about the product than anyone else, which makes them better marketers. As a direct employer, their positive word of mouth is also worthy.

You can encourage your colleagues to become affiliates but telling them that it is additional income besides their salaries.

Furthermore, you can use affiliate bonuses to invigorate and turn more employees into your affiliates.

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11. Using product/Service related Forums for marketing

Last but not least, use the forums related to your niche. All thanks to the internet, there is a forum for almost everything.

You can post about your affiliate programs, incentives, and perks on these platforms, and affiliates will reach you out by themselves.

You can also look at people’s profiles and expertise on these platforms and reach them out to become your affiliate.


With the right way, attracting affiliates to market your products isn’t a challenging thing. Most of the aforementioned ways work for all types of affiliate programs.

Affiliate marketing is the best way of marketing your products as all parties benefit from it. Right affiliates for your products can boost the web traffic as well as sales.

Even if you need to invest something in an affiliate program, go for it. The return on this investment can be greater than your expectation.

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