How to make money in affiliate marketing in 2019?

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If you are looking to make money from home to skip working for others and have a decent living, then affiliate marketing is one very good way to do it. How to make money in affiliate marketing in 2019, is the question…

There are many opportunities out there, but if you are serious about really making money online… you should know the following:

  • there is no way to make fast money, who’s telling you that is only trying to scam;
  • you’ll have to invest some cash, more or less – depending on the program you’re joining;
  • you have to invest effort, patience and time;
  • you have to study!

In this post I will be very short and precise – I will recommend the way I am doing it, with a website. If you want to follow this path I am walking on, you should read on.

I have two websites right now, this one and a photography site – which is my hobby. When you decide to open your site, you should inform before about pricing and what the pack includes. You can open a site on WordPress, Wix, GoDaddy, and many others.

They all cost at least 20$ if you want to include the benefits you need to deal with SEO, bandwidth, storage, etc… And what about training? It will cost you a lot if you’ll go after online courses or local classes

I can recommend a great site that includes both website creation and tons of courses for just 47$ per month. Better, the first month is only 19$… Even better, you can sign up for free (and stay forever free) with the benefit of the first 10 lessons included.

If you want to go forward and pay for a full year, it will cost about 29$ per month, and – even better, if you take the October Black Friday offer – it will go as low as 19$ per month… Isn’t it amazing? At this price, they will host you 25 websites and you have access to full courses (very easy to follow and understand – step by step type) where you are guided through your way to success.

At the same price, you have access to a top keyword research tool – Jaaxy – which is needed by any internet marketer.

This site name is Wealthy Affiliate and it was started in 2005 by two Canadian guys, Kyle and Carson. Both of them were successful marketers before that, and this is easily reflected in the great site revenue and authority that followed in the last 14 years.

You can search for more information about Wealthy Affiliate over the internet, but you’ll be well surprised to find out that it is genuine and reliable. Of course, there are a few bad reviews, but who doesn’t have them … even google has some, for example.

My advice, if you are serious about changing your life and start earning from home, join for free – you have nothing to lose!

Wealthy Affiliate join

You have one week to decide if you want the 19$ discount for the first month, so you’ll start to benefit the full course, or simply wait as long as you want. Go through the first 10 free lessons and decide for yourself if it is worthy.

Please comment below if you need further assistance before sing in up. Good luck on your path to be free!

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