How to move up in Google search ranking?

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Google search ranking is directly related to the success of your online business. It is the website’s position on which it is listed on Google when a person does a search related to the keywords/phrases of your niche.

Being in the top ten means that your website will appear on the first page. If your rating is falling between 11 to 20, your website will appear on page two (each Google page lists 10 websites).

Better ratings mean more traffic and more revenues. There are many paid and unpaid tools available to check website ranking and to boost it.

Okay, an understood fact that this is really important, but the next big question is how to improve the Google ranking?

If you are also from the people who assume that spending money is the only way to move up your ranking, then good news for you, YOU ARE WRONG!!!

No-one can deny the effectivity of paid search engine optimization. Still, several other simple ways are using to boost your performance on Google and get listed in top pages.

Ways to move up google search ranking:

Moving upwards in google rankings might seem a big deal but paying attention to little details such as foundation, keywords, writing headlines, backlinks, posting relevant content only, et cetera can do the job.

Some tried and tested ways to increase ranking and boost-up the google rankings are:

Give special attention to the foundation.

You can pay a bundle of bucks in making a website and marketing it, but it isn’t very eye-friendly, doesn’t engage customers, and does not provide them with their required information with ease, deflection rate the website will be very high.

The first step in building a good foundation is to make your website look right. It must be attractive enough to gain the traffic’s attention but not too fancy that a potential consumer cannot find its desired information.

All relevant calls to actions (an invitation for a user to take some desired action) are good sources to engage the traffic.

It is always the best option to take professionals’ help at the early and foundation stages of website building.

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Improve the speed

Slow websites are such a turn-off. Whenever a customer comes across a slow website, no matter if it is the first website in the Google search, the first instinct is to move to the next search suggestion.

This is the core reason behind good speed, bringing the organic traffic.

Page speed is an essential part of the Google algorithm for search ranking. Especially for mobile rankings, page speed is the major ranking factor since the Google algorithm update in July 2018.

SEO Audit

SEO auditing is a necessary part of running a website effectively. SEO audit highlights the problem areas on your website and also the areas which need special attention or updates to appear better in search engine results pages.

It also does the critical analysis of the website performance and, in the audit report, mentions the rate of your website readability by Google.

Finding out the problem is the first step to resolve it. Give special attention to figure out what you are not doing compared to your competitors, which is making the out-ranked.

Good quality SEO auditors also audit the competitors’ websites. Using those, you can analyze the strategy, which is the reason behind their ranking better than your website.

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Keyword-rich content

Targeting the right keywords and uploading the key-word rich content is a very effective way to move up in google rankings.

The first thing to do this is finding the best seed-keywords for your niche. With the help of a keyword search tool, explore the best long-tail keywords for these keywords.

Long-tail keywords are usually phrases relevant to your niche and are proven to bring more traffic to the website than one-worded or general keywords.

Use these long-tail and other keywords in the content going up on your website. Pinpoint the keywords which the traffic of your niche can use to find you.

Work on the links

Good backlinks are an essential element to provide traffic with good experience and generating more organic traffic.

Unfixed or broken links can move your position further down in the google ranking.

Building the good backlinks and then maintaining them and fixing broken ones among them all are equally important.

In-text links, image links, and editorial links are good ways to move up in google ranks if they are good.

A few years back, spammy links were a good source to increase the website’s traffic but not anymore. In fact, now these types of links can be a reason for the downfall of a website. Avoid these at all costs.

Make your website mobile-friendly

A mobile-friendly website can skyrocket the google ranking of the website. A mobile-friendly website shrinks down to the level of the smartphone display and supports all the zooming, pinching, and scrolling going on.

A rough estimate of the study shows that around 60% of the website searches now take place on smartphones or tablets.

A website unsupportive to mobile searches can no-way compete with the other websites for rankings.

To determine how much your website supports mobile searches, ‘Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test’ is the best and easily available option.

Just type your URL, run the test, and you will get an answer in the clear yes or no.

Understand how Google Algorithm works

Google continuously keeps making changes in its ranking algorithm, which are oftentimes not even visible.

Major updates are announced, but most of them go unannounced. It helps to prevent the websites from using scammy ways to move up the ranking, but these updates can cause trouble too if the website runner isn’t aware that how the ranking algorithm works in the first place.

Keeping track of these updates can be difficult, but several e-resources track these updates and put them up on their pages.

Some of these best databases are The WebMaster, Google Webmaster Central, and Moz’s Google Algorithm Change History.

On-page SEO

This the way that works for every type of website. On-page SEO is effective to earn the relevant traffic by optimizing the individual web pages.

When there’s more organic traffic, the Google ranking of the website automatically starts moving upwards.

The few important things for on-page SEO are:

  1. Add keywords at the beginning of the title. This creates unique but brief titles.
  2. Try to avoid short content. One of the common things among websites on the top of the ranking is that their content has more words than the websites below them.
  3. Keep content keywords enriched. It doesn’t mean that we start putting up keywords-stuffed content.
  4. Use short descriptive URLs.
  5. Use descriptive alt tags for images.
  6. Keep in-check the page loading speed if the page loads slow to fix the issue ASAP.

Keep track of rankings.

Either your google ranking optimizations efforts are effective or not, how can you know about it if you are not tracking your rank?

SEO auditing will tell you your rank, but it cannot be done every day. So keep a general track of rank.

Whenever you do something to rank better, figure out that it worked or not by simply keeping a check of your rank.

Final words

Unlike the common perception, it is still possible to rank at the top in Google search with paid SEO. All it needs a little effort and the tricks we mentioned before this article!

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