How to start a blog and make money?

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In this new world where technology and the internet are very important for developing our daily activities, an endless possibility for entrepreneurship has opened for those who want to make additional incomes on the web, just by writing and posting several topics in a blog.

If you want to do that, you have to remember the main keys of success: constancy, creativity, and perseverance.

How to start a blog and make money?

To create a blog that can help you to increase your incomes, it is necessary to know some tools and tips available for the positioning in the search engines. The first thing that you need to create is a new content that can catch your audience and target, such as, product acquisition, provide a specific service, and accept links recommendations.

The goal that you must reach is traffic generation. The best way to do that nowadays is through social networks and digital platforms, which can lead you to potential costumer at the same time every day.

Based on what we mentioned above, next, we’re going to show you how to convert your blog into a potential business instead of used as a hobby. Always remember – the decision that you take will help you to mark the difference.


Like any other business that you want to start, if you begin with something that you love and you know, that will be the best engine to launch your project and increase your incomes. The topic that you decide to develop in your blog should be based on something that you know, and you are willing to investigate, learn, and grow with it. That way, this topic will keep you inspired all the time.

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Perhaps you are thinking: “this topic is not something that can be used to start a business,” this not have to be true, around the world exist a lot of people with different interests, so you aim to do a research and find the way to catch their attention.

After that, your audience will share with you their passions and common interest. At this point, the first thing is to identify and know the audience with which you will share your proposal and topics for the blog.


This step is way relevant due you should establish the economic status to decide how much money you can invest in your project, or by the other hand, you will start your business from zero. Obviously, if you can start your business with some capital, it will be easier for you, but that doesn’t mean that you can´t reach the success if you start without money.

If you have an investment capital to develop your project, the most important thing to do is optimize the time for your blog. The capital investment represents a starting advantage, due to this will allow you to hire people that can help you to create new content faster than others, which means that you will have the time to optimize the content and reach a good position on the search engines.

On the contrary, if you haven’t that starting capital for your business, do not worry, your greatest motivation is your knowledge and passion for the topic that you will share with the audience. Another option is to show your content to marketing companies and offer your services. That way, you will find the economic income needed.

Another possibility is to make videos and post them on YouTube. This is one of the most used platforms for beginners to connect with people of all ages around the world.

Always keep in mind that you need to invest time and knowledge to have a successful blog besides the starting money.

Choosing a Platform

This section is referred to as the choosing of a digital platform that fixes your needs and allows you to add content, articles, videos, and even create websites or any other idea that you use for your blog. The other way to define the blogging platforms is with the Content Managing System (CMS)

Currently, there are a lot of alternatives to choose the proper platform for your blog in the digital market with hosting companies. One of the best choices that you have at this point is the use of WordPress, or let me recommend Wealthy Affiliate, which is one of the best websites related to digital marketing.

The aim is that you find and choose the best platform for you, which can give you the tools that you need to show and develop the project that you have in mind.

Acquiring a Domain

Once you had chosen the hosting package that gives you the best alternatives to create your blog, the next stage is obtaining a domain, which is the website address. Keep in mind that the name of the website should be attractive for the target audience; it should have a short name and that express the brand or theme of your blog.

There are a lot of domains available, so you have a lot of options to choose; however, the domain that provides more confidently for the customer are those with “.com” on it.

Hosting Package

When we mention hosting, we refer to rent a space in a domain to promote your blog on the internet. Nowadays, there are a lot of companies that offer you this kind of service. That way, you´ll have multiples options to select the one that fix to what you need and want.

Using WordPress for your Blog

After obtaining the hosting connected to your domain, you must install the WordPress. This tool will allow you to adjust the blog without advanced knowledge on programming, and that way, you could have a professional blog.

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If you have the time to know how WordPress works, some of the advantages that you will have using it is the access to SEO optimization and a lot of plugins.

WordPress has a great variety of templates to design your blog, and the most important thing is to select the template that allows you to capture the concept you want to offer to the customer. This will show your brand graphically to the blog and will give you notoriety.

Plugins Installations

WordPress provides you a lot of plugins that will help you make your blog innovative and attractive for your target audience. The proper selection of the accessories to use will allow you to give the user a great experience when visiting your blog.

These are tools that allow you to evaluate the stats of the visits, optimize the articles and product, as well will help you to improve the graph and more.

Create an Email List for the Blog

This step will allow you to have a trustful public as followers in those that you consider as potential clients based on the content of your blog. Managing an email list of potential clients will help you to offer constant information in your blog, among the services and products.

Consider Different Ways to Generate Incomes

If you want a profitable blog, you must consider several alternatives that allow you to generate traffic, which will provide a better position for your blog in the search engines. For this aspect, there are many ways to get there, and we will name you some of them:

  • Search networks ads pay per click.
  • Show ads or advertising videos.
  • Affiliate links
  • Membership sales.

With this information, you already have an idea of how to start a blog and make money, but there are many ways to create it and also make money with it. You should investigate and find the way that best suits your needs and your situation.

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