How to start an internet business from home for free

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Internet business

The demographics of the world are changing rapidly, far more than we expected. The population all around the world is increasing at an alarming rate. Millions of people are graduating from Universities each year, hoping to get a job or what they deserved after four years of struggle.

Unfortunately, the opportunities and jobs are far less than the number of job seekers all around the world, and fresh graduates face despair when they apply for the job. The situation is even worse in African and Asian countries where there are very fewer companies and organizations as compared to the graduates.

In my life, I have seen several cases where people have got an Engineering or Computer Science degree but are doing an ordinary job not related to their field.

How to start an internet business from home for free

The best answer to this problem or the other option that anyone can avail is to start or have their own business. In my opinion, having a business is far better than seeking a job. It doesn’t matter whether your business is big or small. In Urdu, there is a famous proverb: Having a small business is better than a job because a job can never make you rich.”

Many people also want to initiate their own business but are bound by their financial position, i.e., they don’t have enough money to invest or are afraid to lose what they will spend. In this article, we will discuss some of the best methods and strategies on how to start an internet business from home for free.

This will give you a lot of information, and you will not be afraid of losing your investment. Well, there are hundreds of ideas and strategies we can implement, and some beginners may get confuses on what to choose, but we have shortlisted some of the best ideas.


Writing blogs, or having a website that includes quality blogs, can be one the most convenient and hassle-free ways of generating income. As there are a lot of people seeking help in various daily life topics, you can take advantage of helping them out. For this, you will need a website and some quality content.


Besides, if you are not good at writing, you can hire writers easily. But the most important thing that you must need is Quality. If you have quality articles on your website, with 0% plagiarism and written in a relaxed tone, then there will be a lot of traffic on your website. Afterward, you can add links like Google AdSense, and generate handsome income.

Affiliate Marketing

Another business that demands almost 0% of your investment is Affiliate Marketing. Many of you may know about affiliate marketing, and in case not, I will give a short intro. The best training program I ever met is Wealthy Affiliate. I suggest you take a look.

You may have to advertise products or items that are of some other person, company, and after each sale, you will get your commission. The main advantage of this is that you don’t need to buy any products or store them. You are just empty and selling someone else’s products.

Affiliate business

This can be done by listing the products on your website, store, or blogs. And simply, when someone buys a product via your store or link, you will get a profit. There is a negligible risk in it, and only you have to drive traffic towards your website or store.


Freelancing is yet another way to generate a significant amount of money by sitting at home. In my opinion, it is one of the best options for any student, employee, or a jobless person.

There is no need for any investment, and you can simply start by just creating an account. The amount that can be earned depends on much time and effort you make. There is no specific limit, the more time and effort you give, the more revenue you will generate.


Moreover, you don’t need to have any specific skills. You can also do general jobs like data-entry, marketing, virtual assistant, or writing. Also, if you have any skills, i.e., graphic designing, app development, software development, etc..then it will be a great plus, and with some effort, you can earn 1000$+/monthly.

There are thousands of other fields also and suitable for a person regarded in any field.

Online Videos or Vlogging

While watching YouTube or individual other video channels, we notice a lot of people having their technological videos, tutorials, or travel vlogs on their respective video channels.

While this may always not be a hobby, as most of the people do it to generate income, if you have a large number of people following, besides having more views, you can create a large amount of profit. If you want an outline on how to start from scratch, well first, you have to make a channel on YouTube and upload quality and useful videos.


It can be on any topic i.e., traveling, common social issues, technology, science, mathematics, etc. but besides this, the main thing you need to remember is maintaining quality. The second thing will be driving traffic towards your channel.

This can be done by sharing your video links on social media. If you have quality content, then you don’t have to worry much about traffic as people will automatically and willingly visit your channel. Once you have enough traffic, you can add Google AdSense to your videos, and you will earn revenue on each click.

Social Media Manager

Many large companies and organizations have individual Social Media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. and they need someone to manage them daily.

social media business

The main tasks include: posting regular content, write some descriptions, answering some of their clients, etc. This is one of the easiest ways to generate income, and the pay is given on monthly basics on these types of projects/jobs.


It is suggested that whatever you start, make sure you know what you are doing, and you have enough knowledge and information about that particular field. Even sometimes, one small mistake or step can change the course of your plan forever. Good luck!

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