How to start with guest post?

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When it comes to the time to display digital content, the most important thing is to create content that is different, fresh, and following the new trends. One of the most used marketing strategies to raise the authority of a domain and capture a new audience is the Guest Post.

How to start with guest post?

The aim of having guest posts on the blog consists of validating the authority of a website and generate quality links. This turns in an option to stand out for your articles on the third-party blog that is related to the topic you work on.

These links gain notoriety when looking for positioning among the top places in search engines. The external links that you place in your articles have a lot of relevance for SEO.

That your name is recognized for displaying quality content is vital. That way, your blog will be an authority site and will have more readers. To achieve this task, it’s necessary to know how the process of pitching a guest post is carried out.

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We reveal to you the steps that you must follow:

Build the basis of the rights

The quality of the posts you write is essential to get the attention of others; to achieve that, there is no magic formula, just your preparation. If you take the time to study the theme to be developed and material to present yourself in the market, you can achieve a lot of success with the pitch of the guest post.

Selecting the theme correctly sets the tone; you should seek how to highlight your skills and experiences with content where you can express your potential. Guest posts will help potential clients know more about you and your work.

Collecting your best articles and putting them together in a portfolio will be the best presentation you can have.

If the portfolio that you create shows the thematic to develop, you will give a more precise idea to your potential clients of what they can expect from you. We recommend that for each sale pitch, you have three articles.

Keep in mind that if you present relevant content, you will gain the interest of the readers, and that will keep them searching for more information about you.

Search in the market for opportunities

Once you have your portfolio complete with your best articles, it is time to search for blogs or websites to offer your work. The best recommendation at the beginning is to look for a blog that is related to the theme you developed.

If these potential clients share interests with you, you will have more excellent options to specify the pitch. Check if these websites have comments section or how to work with them, that way you will be able to make contact.

A relevant aspect that you must take into account for your selection is the number of readers who have a blog or website. This way, you can evaluate how much visibility you have on the network.

Invitation to online success

Consider managing a small list of 3 to 5 blogs to make that first pitch, so you will have more options to get a positive response. It is also a more natural way to overcome rejection, which is something that you should be prepared to receive both good and bad comments.

If in your search there are blogs with “Write with us section”; you have two ways of knowing if they accept guest posts:

  • You have to search for previous blog posts from guest bloggers.
  • You can send an email to the editor of the content of the blog to indicate if they carry out this process.

Search in the blog or websites of your potential clients, the name and email of the editor, or the primary writer. This is the person you should contact and make a formal proposal for a sales pitch.

Make sure to check the most popular articles in the blog; it will be a good option for you to choose which articles of your creation are appropriate. With this, you will offer content that they will be willing to receive because it matches with the tastes and interests of their audience.

You must have in your portfolio articles that adapt to the needs of the audience for each of the blogs that you placed on your list. This will have you ready for pitching.

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Analyze the domain authority

To be successful with the guest post, you must be aware of the blogs which you selected in your search have a good quality in domain and page authority. These parameters are measured on a scale of 0 to 100, so you should investigate which ones have the highest scores.

Other aspects have the relevance and strength of domains. One way to obtain information about the site, it is to use SEO instruments such as Search Metrics, MOZ bar, and Semrush.

These SEO instruments will be useful for you to evaluate which sites have a secure domain to achieve a proper positioning in the network. A website with a weak domain will not give you visibility to your links.

At this point, it is also good to know if the domain in which you are going to publish has a broad audience. Having good traffic will allow your guest posts to be visible on the network, and in this way, you can also capture new readers.

Make the contacts

In this step, you should look for the proper emails to contact those people responsible for editing potential blog content. This first contact it´s essential because that is what will give you an excellent impression. Take in mind the next recommendations:

  • Write in a personalized way so that you will create more empathy.
  • Use appropriate language and look for references from the person to whom you will send the contact email.

In this introduction email, you must describe in detail your post.

It’s about selling to these potential customers the content that you are offering and show the way in how you will captivate your audience. Be sure to present innovative and original material that fits with your theme.

The title of the email should be attractive; that way, the contact will be willing to read the summary of your pitch proposal. The email should be explanatory, but without being very extensive, it has to show the critical guidelines of your proposal.

Always remember to send several emails to different contacts; do not just send one email and wait for the answer. According to more emails you send, more posts, you will be able to publish.

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Ending tips

  • To make an attractive proposal, you must know the blogs in which you want to pitch a guest post.
  • You have to write with proper grammar; also, in a different style, maybe a personalized way will be excellent to show a good impression.
  • Take enough time to get the correct data of the people to whom you will send the emails for the pitch of the guest post.
  • Investigate if the blogs chosen for guest posts have size limitations, reference structures for the content, among other characteristics.


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