How to use Instagram to promote your business

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Released in 2010, today Instagram is one of the biggest social media sites all across the globe. There is no country where there aren’t any Instagram users.

Besides giving a platform to represent and promote themselves, it also gave birth to thousands of businesses. You can easily find brands running their online stores solely on Instagram and doing pretty well in customer reach monetarily.

Either you accept it or not, Instagram matters! If your business doesn’t have an active representation on it, you are missing out on a huge market no matter the niche of your business.

Recent statistics show that over 1 Billion people use Instagram every month. Time and efforts you will invest in your Instagram business representation can be a talisman to put your business on the path of success!

This article will cover two things – what benefits Instagram has to offer you to your business and the few best practices you can use to promote your business.

Benefits of using Instagram Business:

Immense reach

Fresh statistics show that Instagram is overall the 6th most visited website daily in the world. For mobile applications in most active users, it is only outranked by WhatsApp, Facebook, and Facebook messenger.

With time, Instagram is emerging as a great retail store itself. Roughly 1/3rd of users have experience of direct or indirect experience of shopping from Instagram pages/shop.

Considering all these statistics, there is no limit on potential customers, and benefits are waiting for your business on Instagram.

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Every cent spent on Instagram advertisement brings at least 3x-8x return.

Even the most highly targeted ads cost nearly $5 per thousand impressions. This amount is nothing compared to the cost of traditional marketing, which is also not that highly targeted.

Many online marketing experts believe that Instagram ads will be an even bigger thing than Facebook ads.  As a business manager, it is the right time to make Instagram advertisements a primary part of your marketing strategy.

Great analytical tools

Instagram tools are much more than just telling you about the likes and comments of your post. They analyze your content from every aspect, just like SEO analytical tools. The health of content also analyzes the target market, their behaviors, demographics, and a lot more.

Where SEO tools cost hundreds and thousands of dollars, Instagram analytical tools are for FREE! Just sign-up for an Instagram business and start reaping all the benefits.

Driving traffic to the main website

Instagram is a great way to earn organic traffic for the main website of your business.

Though Instagram doesn’t offer to add links to your posts like Facebook directly, there are still many other ways to use it to drive traffic.

Adding a link in bio, making shoppable pots by tagging posts with Instagram shop, adding clickable links in IGTV/IG stories, getting in touch with influencers to post with your clickable links, using Instagram Ads with seeing more/visit website options are some of the popular ways to attract potential customers to the website.

Make money directly from Instagram

Besides being a social media platform, Instagram is an e-commerce platform as well. Using Shoppable and Shop tab, you can directly sell your products on Instagram.

Another way is adding the ‘Shop now’ option in your posts which directly leads customers to the online store.

Keep an eye on competitors

You can use Instagram to keep an eye on your competitors. You can actively look at new products they are launching, marketing techniques they are using, the response on their content, and ways they are using to engage traffic.

The target market of you and your competitors is the same. Observing their business can help you to polish your business strategy and perform better than them.

Ways Instagram can help you to promote business:

There are dozens of ways offered by Instagram to everyone to promote their business for free. Besides the unpaid ways, paid Instagram advertisement also offers the guaranteed results.

Signing up for an Instagram business account

Never use your personal account as a business account. The business version of Instagram is specially designed to address businesses’ needs and comes with dozens of tools and features to help your business grow.

Using a personal account to represent business can be a mere waste of time and effort. Your target market is not interested in your selfies and day-to-day life but the things your business has to offer. So first thing first, sign-up for your business Instagram account.

Advertise your products using posts and put them on Instagram shop for sale.

Do not try to be creative with this account. The username should be the name of the business, and the profile photo should be the name of your logo. Stay consistent with these two as it will make you stay recognizable.

In the bio section, add some catchy lines introducing your business, business address, phone number, and other relevant information if necessary. The more information you will provide, the more it will reflect your business legitimacy.

Sign in to Instagram

Also, you must add your business website in the bio section. It will direct organic to the website.

Instagram advertisement

This is the best way on Instagram to drive the desired results.

Statistics released by Instagram show that 84% of the people are more likely to buy from small businesses. Instagram ads are the way to reach those people and introduce them to your product/service. Many of these people are ready to buy from you. You just need to create brand awareness.

Instagram advertisement campaigns are very well-crafted. There are multiple types of campaigns, i.e., stories/photos/videos/carousel/collection ads, ads in exploring, etc., to address every business’s needs and make campaigns multi-dimensional.

With Instagram ads, Ads manager is also offered for both desktop and mobiles. It is a powerful analytical tool-filled feature that analyzes everything in your advertisement campaigns, sets ads, and collects very worthy information, which can come in handy while making both marketing and business strategy.

Be creative with visuals

Being a ‘photo-sharing platform,’ Instagram is all about visuals. Come-up with visuals for your page, powerful enough to instantly make a person pay attention to your post. Craft each post as it is an advertisement campaign itself.

While getting creative, keep few things in mind. Please do not make your images/videos very loud or doing hard advertisements; it causes a negative impact.

Keep content target market-centric. Ensure visuals quality and professional approach in each post. Use popular trends and events in your advertisement. Also, do use Instagram editing tools to add creativity to your content.

Partner with influencers

Instagram influencers have a primary role in making influencers’ culture so popular.

It is the quickest way to reach your potential clients. The influencers usually have a huge fan following in one particular niche; find the right influencers for you, and you can reach all their followers with your single post.

You can pay those influencers and hire them as your brand ambassadors. Send them your products and ask them for a review on their page in return. Give them special promo codes which their names offering discounts to people who use those codes. You can also make them your affiliate marketers or ask them to use your hashtags.

New post to Instagram

Use industry hashtags in every post

Add general and community hashtags related to your business in every post. It is a workable way to enhance the reach. Also, utilize the Instagram business hashtag analysis tool to learn the performance of those hashtags.

You can also craft your novel hashtag related to your business. Specific hashtags create a unique business identity. Add this hashtag in your bio and encourage people to use it.

Also, ask influencers to promote your business in their PR campaigns using those hashtags. You can also do some promotional activity such as an Instagram contest using that contest to encourage more people to use it.

Encourage people to tag and review you in posts

A regular Instagram user might not reach influencers, but they can also create business leads for you. Positive word of mouth from a customer can be more effective than an influencer’s recommendation.

You can ask people in to leave a review or post a review on their profile. Tag you in their stories, et cetera. Value the responses of customers to encourage more people to get engage with your page. You can also offer some incentives to people. For example, they will get free shipping on the next order if they make a review post.


If you aren’t utilizing Instagram to promote your business, you are missing a lot.

It has too much to offer for FREE! An article isn’t enough to cover every way Instagram can help you promote your business, but these broad ways can help any business expand its reach and sales.

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