Is your Blog a Publication or a Library?

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Do you think that if you publish content under any circumstances on your blog, it makes your blog a publication?

Do you think being a publication blog and just publishing the content in volume is the only way to become successful?

Or do you think a coherent structure that arranges and ties your subject together makes your blog a library is your way to success as a blogger?

Even some bloggers who are working for years are unable to answer these questions.

But deciding that, you can find the right direction for your blog.

This article will discuss the difference between the two, which works better when around 2 million blogs are posted daily.

What is a Publication Blog?

A publication blog is where bloggers tend to cover a broad range of topics. It is focused on putting up content in volume instead of having depth in it.

There is a strict schedule for posting content when the blog is considered a publication, which often decreases quality.

As publication blogs usually come with lower quality blogs because of tight editorial schedules, they are not considered a credible source when a reader is looking for a piece of relevant and credible information or a solution.

What is a Library Blog?

A library blog is a source of documentation for its target readers. It is more focused on putting up quality content of relevant niche. Instead of a tight editorial schedule, its posting volume is much lower than the blog, which works as a publication.

Usually, one or two blogs a week, but highly relevant content is posted when a blogger builds a library.

When a blog is considered a library, readers can find only a few specific topics.

This also increases the blog’s credibility; the content on such blogs is considered more reliable than blogs that cover a wider range of topics.

It is also easier to design a strategy and marketing plan for it, as the target market is clearly defined.

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The Publication is Good or a Library?

Most internet marketing and SEO experts say that a blog should be a Library if you want to be successful in the blogging world.

But it doesn’t work for all sorts of blogs. In some cases, the volume is necessary over the quality.

Treating your blog as a Publication

Some bloggers might think that when a blog is a publication, it is easier to manage it.

All you have to put up more quantity without any worries about quality, but in reality, sometimes it can get messy.

Firstly, when you consider your blog as a publication, it is volume and a tight editorial schedule.

If your target is posting a blog every other day, you have to stick to this schedule no matter what.

For a while, this can be a good strategy to attract traffic, but it’s a terrible idea.

When you keep up posting content without quality, even your regular readers will stop coming back to your website.

Research conducted by shows that only 17% traffic returns on average on publication blog.

Every time they post, 83% of visitors are new, which isn’t an excellent thing.  

Instead of biting more than you can chew, the focus should be providing readers with the information they are looking for to engage them as much as possible.

Secondly, when you are focused on fulfilling the quota, sometimes you use the same templates or rewrite the stuff.

Lack of research while writing also leads to posting false information, which damages blogs and bloggers’ credibility.

One reason behind being volume focused is getting as much traffic as possible so the ad money can increase.

This short-term strategy can bring traffic for a while, but no way generates traffic that keeps coming back to your blog whenever you publish new content.

What is your story

When should a blog be Publication?

No doubt, there are many cons associated with it, but depending on your niche, it can be your way to success.

If you are running a news blog, a blog of your online store where you post a description of your products, or a blog where you post updates on current affairs; entertainment news, celebrity gossips et cetera, running a blog as a publication and focusing on posting volume should be your strategy.

Treating Blog as a Library

A blog should be a library, not a publication. When you treat your blog as a library, the content you post serves the purpose – providing the information the reader is looking for.

With the “quality content” strategy, you can have traffic lower than the person posting in volume for a while, but it will get you traffic, which will keep coming back on you again and again.

Building a library blog, content is documented ad built for people looking for it, which increases the chances of success.

Also, the target audience is clear and defined, which helps build a perfect marketing strategy for a blog.

A blog as a library usually posts content on much defined and few specific topics of their niche.

For example, is a library blog for photography equipment and techniques.

Everything on this website is related to these topics. A person looking for a camera will consider the review and suggestions on this website more credible than a review from a website that is posting in multiple niches at a time.

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A good informative resource for readers

A blog being a library has a coherent structure, which eventually becomes a go-to resource for readers to look for practical information or suggestion.

A library also serves the purpose of educating people. Again, take the example of gottapics.

On this website, there are multiple “How to” articles on the niche of photography, advice on photography tips, and in-depth articles on different camera settings.

On the topics, which educate the people, the information can evolve but never dies.

This makes content relevant for a very long time. Instead of posting in bulk, the strategy focuses on how your content can serve best to your target audience.

The content which can last long-term also helps in SEO and moving upwards in search engine ranking.

Benefit of a library blog

One lesser-known benefit is how much a library blog can help in affiliate marketing.

If you develop credibility in a niche by coming up with quality content and showing up your expertise, your suggestions are more reliable than anyone else.

Successful bloggers can earn a very handsome amount via affiliate marketing with minimal effort. Besides, brands reach out to bloggers with regular traffic for marketing their products.

If you are not running a news blog or anything similar, never post on your blog like your publication. A blog should be a library – a credible source of documentation.


What type of content you are posting on your blog, your posting strategy, and what you are trying to achieve are the factors that decide your success or failure in the world of blogging.

You can post in bulk for ad revenues and make your blog a publication, but this strategy cannot work for a long time.

A blog as a library is better in every way possible than a blog as a publication.

From generating regular traffic to building credibility, ranking higher with SEO, to always delivering quality to your audience, a blog as a library is a way forward.

If you want readers to come every time you post, be quality-oriented instead of volume.

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