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If you are looking for an easy, and tension-free businesses to start online, then you should go for affiliate marketing. In Affiliate marketing, you sell the products of some other clients on your website, etc. and earn a commission from each sale. The best thing about affiliate marketing is that you don’t need to invest in buying products, delivering them, or having stored them.

All you need is a website, etc. with a significant amount of targeted audiences. But without learning or prior experience, affiliate marketing won’t be successful. So, in this article, I have represented some of the ideas on how you can learn affiliate marketing in 2019.

Online training programs

One of the best platforms to learn affiliate marketing online is the online training program. I have written a separate article on this topic only, which has all the detailed information regarding some of the best online training programs, and you can find it easily on my website. I will also give a short intro here.

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If you search for some of these tutorials online, you may get confused about which program you should select, which one is real, or which is fake. So, it’s better that you should research a lot before choosing the program because some of them are expensive. Some of the best training programs include:

ClickBank Success – Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

It is one of the best training platforms for affiliate marketers, having a bunch of unique features, and training material. One of the best things about it that it teaches how to do affiliate marketing without even having a website.

Well, it suits most of the people as not all of the interested people do have money or time to buy a domain, build a website, etc.

Wealthy Affiliate

You will find several excellent training courses online, but if you ask for my recommendation, I will prefer Wealthy Affiliate as I am using this perform for years. This platform has numerous unique features and built-in tools that help you to learn, progress, and stay away from the crowd.

Some of its best features include traffic optimization, SEO tools, website building, etc. The best keyword research tool – Jaaxy was built by the Wealthy Affiliate team and is now totally integrated into it. Other than these features, Wealthy Affiliate has the bulk of training material like tutorials, webinars, articles, and helpful staff. It’s a must-try, and you won’t regret it.


AffiloBlueprint is especially for those who have no idea about what affiliate marketing is. It starts from the elementary level and progresses swiftly. This course helps you in how to build a website, optimize traffic, improve SEO, target audience, select a suitable niche, etc.


If you are looking for a free platform, or don’t have money to spend on expensive courses, we’ll then SkillShare suits you best. It has some free courses on affiliate marketing made by some of the experienced and successful affiliates in the market.


Udemy has hundreds of paid courses on affiliate marketing, and some of them are so good that they are reviewed as top 10 affiliate marketing courses online. But each person has its level of understanding, so, before selecting a particular class, do proper research about it.

Learn from the experienced affiliates

You can learn a lot from watching online videos, buying courses, reading articles, but the actual awareness will be given only by the experienced affiliates. As sometimes, in movies, we often enjoy watching action, war, etc. but if something similar happens to us in real life, our perspective about it changes.

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Same is the case with business, we often think about starting a business, but we don’t know the actual outcomes. So, it is better to meet the experienced affiliates in person, or online, learn from their experiences, ask them for pros and cons, and for what strategy to use for becoming a successful affiliate.

Learn from online content

If you search for how to learn affiliate marketing on Google, you will find a lot of articles, blogs, step by step guides, and videos. To utilize this stuff and learning from them won’t go waste. I have read some of the articles written by successful affiliates, and they are more than reasonable. Also, read success stories of these affiliates, and they will change your perspective.

Online Tutorials

There are several step by step guides on the internet that start from the very basics and progress. So, if you want to start the business, just follow those step int the tutorial like:

  • Choose a niche
  • Buy a domain
  • Built a Website
  • Choose the right affiliate
  • Add content
  • Drive Traffic
  • Target Audience

And so on …

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle has a lot of free books that are based on affiliate marketing training, and if you can access it, then you will learn a lot. The detailed explanations that a book offers can’t be found anywhere else and even not in videos.


YouTube is one of the favorite places for the new generation to learn. You can find anything there, whether it is related to cooking, fixing a mobile, learning a school level math, or a Masters level Physics.

Anything could be found here. Even I learned 90% of Math from YouTube while doing my bachelor degree. Similarly, for affiliate marketing aspirants, you find a lot of videos here that will teach you on the different matters of affiliate marketing.

Final words:

Whatever training or learning material you choose, think twice before taking each step. Affiliate marketing is quite easy, but we should be careful, so our investment and time may not be wasted.

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