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Niche Laboratory

Are you looking for a niche? Find your desired niches with one click using the Niche Laboratory. It is a tool to find the niches you want in a matter of seconds.

The core function of Niche Laboratory is to find the niches but it does not end here.

You can find long-tail keywords for different categories, influencers of your fields, keep track of your competitors’ activity, get new articles idea for a niche, find products to sell, join forums, etc.

One thing that the official description of Niche Laboratory does not mention is that it is an online money-making tool.

Niche-finding tool to an online money-making tool?

How? Simple. Niche Laboratory will help you to find the opportunities, i.e., providing you the niches with the potential of success before anyone else can find them.

The more you can grab the opportunities, the more successfully you can make money.

How this medium works, its plus points, and if it is worthy to give it a try, everything is discussed in detail in the upcoming sections.

Niche Laboratory functions and sub-tools

It is a niche/topic finder and keyword generator but several other tools that come with Niche Laboratory can perform numerous SEO functions.

There are two versions of Niche Laboratory available, lite and pro.

Niche Laboratory Lite

This one is simpler yet with numerous tools and functions. Here is the highlight of the features of this version:

  • Find long-tail keywords and phrases for any niche with one click
  • Executive and detailed overview of some popular niches. Overview reports contain all information about your niche, i.e., prominent trends, competitors, make money, et cetera.
  • Website competition matrix. Using this tool, you can find possible opportunities and competitive edge. The results are displayed in a tab of giving probabilities about ranking keywords, and how much traffic they are attracting.
  • Combining it with Blog Spy by Niche Laboratory, you can also analyze the same things about competitors’ niches. (information about Blog Spy is mentioned in the coming sections)
  • Find important words for your niche using the Word Cloud tool
  • Discover the top ten niches of your topic. You can also peek a look at their met description, HTML title tags, and keywords
  • Find forums relevant to your case. Not only can you learn from other people’s experiences on Forums, but they can also add up in your traffic.
  • Google news articles for the topic
  • Find Amazon and Aliexpress products related to your case. You can promote these products as an affiliate marketer on your website and can earn some extra bucks.
  • Find critical influencers on Twitter and Instagram for the niche
  • Keywords and phrases related to the topic which can be used in other niches.

Niches related to affiliate marketing

You can download Niche Laboratory Lite for free on the official website.

Niche Laboratory pro

This is an updated version of lite, and it comes with few additional functions such as:

  • Find the best long-tail keywords/phrases which are successful in various search engines. All the LT keywords are real-time data.
  • Get reports on more niches than the lite version. These reports are also more detailed and sum up pretty much everything.
  • Let Niche Laboratory Pro find a niche for you. Not only niche, but it can also provide you with related articles and blogs for your niche so you can effectively engage your traffic and increase its inflow.
  • Find the potential competition you can face for each long-tail keyword
  • With niche finder competition report, find hoe easily or difficultly you can rate any keyword
  • Transfer your file into the HTML version.
  • Check the quality of your content. Find out if it can compete in the market or it is not good enough
  • Make your keywords from competitors website by adding HTTP:// or https:// URL into the tool
  • Find out what your competitors are blogging about and either it is working or not
  • Get top keywords for a niche. These special keywords are related to reviews, cost of items for niche, et cetera.

This version is available for download on the official website. It will work only for Microsoft Windows.

By now, you must have an idea about how Niche Laboratory can assist essential are a few details about how key features work and how you can benefit from them.

Finding niches

Finding a good niche is the core of your success in the world of the internet. You cannot compete with everyone, but a profitable niche will help you to stand-out, among others.

Niche Laboratory will help you with this. Not only with finding the niches but also running them successfully.

Using a built-in micro niche finder, find hundreds of niches by just typing the name of niche.

With niches, detailed reports are also provided for each one such as competitors, top websites for the niche, traffic trends, popular real-time keywords, et cetera.

One best thing about this in this report’s potential popularity of niche is also predicted based upon real data. This will save you from choosing competitive niches and wasting your time.

In case you are blank and don’t know what to look for, Niche Laboratory still got you covered. Got the lucky dip button on the homepage and get niche ideas and trending ones.

Niches related to photography

Long-tail keywords and phrases

Niche Laboratory will provide you with keywords that people are actively looking for. It evaluates the searches people are making daily on top engines such as Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Amazon, etc. as all of this data is what people want.

These keywords and phrases can be beneficial in attracting traffic and making your traffic better organically.

You can also find competition for each keyword. Type in the list of your keywords and see results for each.

As this is not keywords explicitly finding tool so you will get simple results showing competition in the form of colors. Green means less competition.

Red color results show that the keyword can give you a hard time, and orange shows that the following keyword is an average one.

Just pay the one-time subscription and get lifetime access to finding long-tail keywords.

Analyze competitors with Blog Spy

Using the keyword research tool, you can get to see the top ten websites for every keyword. You can get an idea of who is there to give you a competition.

But this is instead a simple thing. Combine the Niche Laboratory with the sister product Blog Spy, and get a complete insight into your competition and competitors.

Using blog spy you can find what your competitors are blogging about, it is successful or not, and how you can outrank them.

About outranking, just like keywords, it is also explained in color codes of red, orange, and green. If they are above you, you can peek a close look at their content and use and modify their strategies wisely to better your SEO ranking.

Blog Spy can find blogs on every type of blogging medium. There is no chance that you can miss identifying any of your competitors.

It will also bring up all the recent blogs from the top websites of your niche.

Blog spy is also supported by Microsoft windows only. But there is one slightest con – Blog Spy will not work if your internet connection is unstable or weak.

Make sure your internet is working correctly before using it. Also, reports generation can take a little time, so you need to be patient.

Blog Spy can analyze up to 50 competitors a month for free. To get unlimited reports, you can pay a one-time subscription and enjoy the lifetime services.

Tip: if you are out of ideas, look at what top websites are posting about. It will save your time to do the research work.

Also, topics about which top websites of the niche are talking about are usually the popular trend.

Tip: to maximize your traffic, another thing you can do that reach out to the top influencers and invite them as guest bloggers. In case they agree, they will bring traffic with them.

Finding random niches and inspiration

If you are looking forward to blogging, but you are blank about what niches you should look for, the Random niche button is for you.

Click this button, and a lot of ideas about niches, i.e., successful and trending niches, are displayed on your home screen with reports about them with-in a few minutes.

Find forums

Enter the word and find related forums to it. Forums are very effective to keep up with industry updates and find the customers and generate the traffic.

The best thing about the forum is that on them, you will only find the community related to your niche.

By observing these top forums, you can also learn and start your forum.

How can you sign for Niche Laboratory?

It is a desktop application supported by Microsoft only. If you have a desktop/laptop, an internet connection, and Microsoft Windows, you will go.

Go to the official website and download the software. Lite, pro, Blog spy, and all other sister tools of Niche Laboratory are free to download.

Run the software, and start using it by researching niches for you. You will start getting results instantly in the form of reports.

Pricing and guarantee

This software is free to download, but for the pro version, you have to pay a one-time subscription fee of 17 USD.

Honestly, this fee is nothing for the things Niche Laboratory has to offer.

After paying the one-time subscription, you will get unlimited free lifetime updates.

And that is not all. There are two months of the no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. Any time in 60 days, you feel like this is not the product you are looking for, you can claim back your money.

Without any delay, the amount you paid is transferred back to your account without any query or survey questions.


For the price and what Niche Laboratory has to offer, we recommend it as a useful tool for your business!

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