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Search phrases, keywords, niches, business opportunities, customer needs. How simple these words are. Simple, but once you get hands-on the right of these for your business website, your business can sky-rocket in days.

Power Suggest Pro is a tool that identifies and uncover unique keywords, opportunities, unidentified niches, best target audience, disclose people demands, and much more.

Besides finding all these things, Power Suggest Pro also rank the keywords and niches on different search engines as per their popularity among people.

This keyword and market research tool is getting popular like fire in the jungle since it’s released. But is it worth it? Let’s explore its different aspects and their pros and cons.

How does Power Suggest Pro works?

Niches, keywords, business opportunities are spread all across the internet. Unfortunately, usual market research tools look for these among popular 2 or 3 search engines only. Unlike these, Power Suggest Pro analyzes multiple search engines for and attentively notices what keywords/phrases people are typing on these engines.

All results are generated based on data from different sites. These results are up-to-date, more accurate, and descriptive, with more success probability, more customer-oriented, and effective in generating traffic for your website.

Among several good things we found with this tool, here are some of those.

Real-time search data

As mentioned prior, this core feature distinguishes it from all main-stream research tools. With real-time research, genuine interests are explored. All keywords identified by Power Suggest Pro rely on real-time search data.

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In simple terms, your results are what people do search for so often when there are looking for something specific.

Discover niches with Power Suggest Pro

Market research is capable of consuming more energies of a person than actually running a business. To run a business or website successfully, you have to do a detailed market research before actual work as well as while running a business.

It is the only way to satisfy your target market wants to some extent. Unfortunately, most of the people avoid this phase. They tend to follow the already popular niches. There’s no harm in that, but the problem is more popularity = more competition.

There are several untapped niches where there is a least or minimum competition but a vast number of potential clients. Power Suggest Pro will find those niches for you. How? The answer is simple: Real-time search data.

As per its working mechanism, Power Suggest Pro carefully analyzes consumers searches across 6+ search engines. In a lot of realms and their subdomains, there are repeated searches about some keywords or products, but consumers are not getting satisfactory results.

It indicates a new market-opportunity in that specific niche. The success-rate for Power Suggest Pro identified niches is on the plus side of the success spectrum.

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Boost traffic on your website

Internet presence is mandatory in this era of business, but what is more important than just being present is generating traffic. More traffic means more leads and potential customers. These customers are real assets and profit makers.

All the working of Power Suggests Pro is about boosting up the traffic and helping you to come up with strategies to grab the attention.

You can market your website content more effectively and efficiently for the relevant customers. Using keyword research results, you get highly effective and detailed long-tail keywords. These keywords are more successful in bringing in traffic and increase profits than using other e-marketing strategies.

Better pay per click (PPC) advertisement

When your ads are built around the keywords a customer is searching, the probability of getting a click instantly doubles up. Investing a few dollars in purchasing Power Suggest Pro can save a lot of money by higher click-through rate (CTR), lower cost-per-click (CPC), and higher conversion rates.

Reach your market at low cost

SEO, e-marketing, marketing research, collectively, these all can be pretty burdensome on your pocket. Spend an itsy-bitsy amount from this business cost to purchase Power Suggest Pro, and it will do all market research for you. It’ll strictly bring those opportunities and keywords which are relevant and beneficial for you, saving both time and money.

More focused towards long-tail keywords

For those who don’t know about it: long-tail keywords are those keywords that comprise two or more than two keywords. Different researches show these are more successful in e-marketing than usual single-worded keywords.

For example, you are a vendor of Nike shoes under 300$ and using keyword “shoes” for your website. Thousands of customers search for shoes every minute, but upon searching, these uncountable shoes are displayed in front of them.

Change your keywords to “Nike Shoes.” Now every time a customer search for Nike shoes, chances increase that they will come across you. Make your keyword a little more precise now i.e., “Nike Shoes Under $300”. Probability of random customers finding you multiplied instantly.

Power Suggest Pro knows precisely what a customer will search for when they are looking for the product/service you are offering.

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Reaching a more defined target market

In typical e-marketing, either you communicate with people who find you or those who you think can be interested in your service. The chunk of people who will approach you is very low. On the other end, targeting people on perception can often lead you towards utterly wasting time and money.

Working with Power Suggest Pro, you don’t have to address deaf ears. It comprehends the needs, wants, and demands of the target market as per your business. The phrases it suggests you are real-time phrases searched by potential clients. It also updates about shifting trends to improve current services/products your website offers.

Improving existing products

The more you will know about customers, the more you can align with there needs. The only thing constant in the business world is change. Popular trends vanish in the matter in days. Power Suggest Pro continuously monitors customer keywords searches.

As soon as a new trend or opportunity in your niche emerge, it can point out for you. Not only can you retain existing customers but also venture with new segments successfully.

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Power Suggest Pro star features:

These benefits are our most favorite ones:


As the name reflects, geo-targeting is finding a target market in relevance to geographical location. This geo-targeting is not limited to your home country. Using Power Suggest Pro, you can explore opportunities on the other side of the world while sitting at home.

It allows you to get an exact idea about potential niches, opportunities, keywords, needs, and pains* of the people.

*pains are those little problems faced by people, providing solutions which can be a new business opportunity.

Built-in search ideas

Do you have search ideas, but your thoughts are cloudy? You have the potential to do market research effectively, but you have no idea where you can start? Power Suggest Pro is here to assist you in your journey with 150+ research ideas.

These are integrated within the program, and you don’t have to pay any extra premium to access them.

You will get to learn how to find new and refine already existing products in which people are interested. Search ideas are divided into three categories:

  • High buyers intent
  • Solution seeking
  • Informational

Wildcard Search

Wildcard search means finding keywords by using the asterisk character as a wildcard. If you can not find a keyword, Power Suggest Pro will fill in the blank with a relevant keyword as a blank entry.

To use this feature, just search the name of the desired domain. For example, you are running a website to sell organic beauty products, but you can not find the right keywords, just write “organic beauty products” in the search bar.

You will instantly get hundreds of keywords that people are using in real life at 6+ engines to find these products. Finding keywords this way shows more positive results than finding keywords manually.

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Suffix and Recessive options

Adding Suffix to keywords make them more successful. Power Suggest Pro supports three types of suffix keywords:

  • A to Z (for intense searching operations)
  • AA to ZZ (for the standard kind of searching)
  • None (for light searching)

With suffix, enabling the recursive option, each keyword in the first set of results will be automatically searched. This search is to find any sub-niches or sub-topics.

15+ languages:

You can search for keywords in 15 different languages. It is a brilliant feature to help you to explore the opportunities of the local market.

Power Suggest Pro Pricing

By now, you must be expecting it to cost hundreds of dollars. But don’t worry, you don’t have to break your bank in the case of buying it. It just cost 57$, and it comes with 60 days money-back guarantee.

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Positives of Power Suggest Pro

  • Long-tail keywords
  • Data based on observations from 6+ search engines
  • Identifying opportunities
  • Identifying niches with the scope of success


There are not any proper negatives, but these things can cause you some trouble:

  • Internet troubles. This program needs internet connectivity all the time when it is running. If your internet is slow or not available, you can not use it.
  • As it carries out research where ever minor aspects matter, users need to be very attentive. A single wrong word can change all the results. Try to be very conscious and accurate when inputting information.

Our opinion

Getting brilliant and unlimited keywords to build your successful business is a deal that no website runner can reject. Not only long-tail keywords, but Power Suggest Pro also explores untapped niches, market opportunities, target markets based on real-time data, and a lot more. We highly recommend it!

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