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Blogging is more than a hobby nowadays. A few years back, the people only wrote blogs for general purposes, like to provide information, knowledge, or for a medium of the source. But as times passed, the traffic on the internet increased tremendously.

And now, the bloggers not only provide people the useful content but also earn a handsome amount of money. In my opinion, it is one of the best things you can do if you want to earn something on the internet.

If we examine the past, there were quite a few professions that we can choose, especially when it comes to the internet. But today, there are thousands of them, and some of them include web development, designing, etc. But these need some proper skills and a lot of time.

In contrast, if you want to start blogging, it will only need some necessary writing skills and very little time relatively. Also, you can do this part-time.

Promote your blog with Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the best platforms on the internet, where you can start promoting your blog. Either you are experienced or beginner, all you need to do is to take some smarts steps, and Pinterest will handle rest.

Due to the popularity of Pinterest, there is a tremendous amount of traffic already on it. But still, some steps are needed to ensure that people do visit or take an interest in your blog. Let’s start:


Well, quality is the factor that matters the most. Either you are writing an article, blog, or anything. If the content written by you is plagiarism-free, pure and of excellent quality, people will automatically like and gain interest in your blog.

Also, they will regularly visit your blog posts. Ensure that the topics of your blog are related to the interests of your audience, written simply and interestingly, and have short sentences.


Traffic is another important factor that helps you to grow or promote your blog. Simply, the more the traffic is, the more engagement there will be on your posts. Initially, this may have happened to all the bloggers that they have written a quality blog, but there are no visitors.

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Well, there is nothing to worry about as this happens to all of us for the first time. By posting the right content, adding more pins, or adding the right pictures, there will be enough traffic on your post. So, have a proper insight into your traffic trends.

Timing of you Posts

Each Pinner on Pinterest will have its specific following. For example, some may post about technologies while some love to show their cooking tips. Similarly, the followers may belong to different regions and will have a specific time in which they surf the platform.

For example, there is heavy traffic on the online stores on weekends as people that are free and order their favorite products.

All you need to do is to examine the interests and timings of your audience and post on the in which there is load traffic. This will ensure that your followers will interact with your post. Else, we all know that the post doesn’t last long on the walls. And if our followers do not read the posts, then our time and hard work will go wasted.

Interact with your audience

Well, this is the most interactive and friendly way to gain both the interest and trust of your followers. After you post a blog, you will notice that many people will appreciate, like, or question about your post in the comment section. Thank them for appreciation of your post in a polite manner.

Moreover, many people will question the post as well. For instance, if you are showcasing some recipes, they will ask or question for further clarification. You must note all these interactions precisely and must reply to all of their concerns.

The good thing about this is that it will create a friendly environment between you and your followers, and they will love and recommend your posts.

Add Pictures

Humans got more attracted to the pictures and compared to the text, and it’s a psychological fact. To gain the attention of your followers or to gain more audience, you have to design and add some exciting and catchy pictures. Almost 92% of Pinterest is made up of images.

This shows how vital pictures are on this platform. Also, make sure that the photographs have correct dimensions and format.

Creativity will also play an essential role in this matter. For example, if the pictures are of food, they must be taken from a close and specific range. The same is the case with other formats. For example, gadgets, landscapes, or plants, etc. demand photos in their respective dimensions.

Post about the right topics

There is a particular debate or confusion about this topic that is right for you to post. Well, this may have certain aspects. Starting from your followers, as described above, you must know or examine the interests of your audience.

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This can be done in specific ways, and the easiest of them is to keep engaged with your audience. By noticing the engagement or appreciation of your audience, you will know that what post is liked most by your audience and will help you to post the right thing.

Secondly, if you’re a beginner or want to gain more followers, then choose the topics that are searched or liked the most on Pinterest. For example, Home, Art, Fashion. You can get the full list on google. This will surely help you to get in consideration of the respective searchers.

In the end, I will conclude that Pinterest is one of the best social media platforms to promote your blogs or products. Unlike the other platforms like Facebook, you have more chances on Pinterest to deliver the content to your audience.

So, by utilizing a few simple strategies, you can easily promote your blog or gain followers. Good luck with your online promotion – Pinterest rocks!

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