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Nowadays, Internet marketing is the most inexpensive way to reach a target market, whether you are just a small business or a start-up in a particular industry.

What is internet marketing? It is a process of promoting products or services of a particular business or brand over the internet, using tools that help drive traffic, leads, and sales. Internet marketing involves a wide range of marketing tactics and strategies, including content, email, search, paid media, and other things that include getting traffic.

It is sometimes referred to as content marketing since it has a common approach in creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience.

Content marketing is a whole new way to make advertising compared to the old-fashioned way of advertising, or shall we say the difference between inbound and outbound marketing. It is an integration of values, patterns, and habits of today’s generation.

In the fast-growing world of social media marketing, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the leading social media platform on the internet. On the other hand, Pinterest doesn’t attract as much attention for digital marketers, even though it has 300 million active monthly users.

Many businesses that use Internet Marketing as their primary for acquiring traffic and leads can attest that Pinterest is an amazing and promising traffic source.

TailwindApp Review

Due to a busy schedule of a person in this recent generation, many social media marketing applications will help you in growing your business. One of the leading social media marketing apps in the market is the TAILWIND APP, which will help you in driving traffic and leads, especially on Pinterest and Instagram. To know its further details, let’s check the review below.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite


TailwindApp is a marketing application that is designed mainly for social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram. It is suited for bloggers, online businesses, and other enterprises with online shops. This simplifies the works of every business owner and eases the process that allows you to do scheduling to maximize your time.

One of the perks is that you can get access to features such as content discovery, post scheduling, and conversation tracking that would be a significant factor in running social media marketing. Besides, it helps you to measure results in real-time so you can adjust your marketing strategies that optimize great results that suit your data based on progressive improvisation.

It is interesting to know that Tailwind started as a marketing solution while building their own website way back 2011. It was an accidental start-up. This site uses Pinterest to plan weddings and contents about brides-to-be.

They have received fast success in getting traffics, and from then on, a big opportunity came. The team get sophisticated with their analytics and reporting on how they get similar data.

Tailwind decided to focus on creating and launching an effective Pinterest marketing and analytics platform. They have focused on being the best Pinterest analytics and data platform.

They are not only the ones who benefited the success but also to more than 100,000 leading global brands and 400 top agencies use their app and have substantially transformed their businesses.

TailwindApp for Pinterest


Unlike many social media marketing tools, Tailwind has a more explicit focus on Pinterest. This is something to pay attention to since through Pinterest Marketing, and it gives the guarantee of 4x higher sales than an average digital campaign if appropriately used. Tailwind is not only for Pinterest, but it is also a smart way to schedule on Instagram.

Tailwind App is a time-saver, especially when working with multi-board pinning, hashtag lists, bulk image upload, drag-and-drop calendar, and other shortcuts. It also has an option to automatically optimize your Instagram and Pinterest schedules to engage your audience at the right time.

So, you can measure effectiveness with detailed analytics and insights. The tailwind browser extension allows you to create multiple posts from any website with just one click. The Hashtag Finder helps you to suggest the best Instagram hashtags for driving traffics from your readers.

Moreover, you can improve efficiency and effectiveness by using a single tool and workflow to post visual marketing content on these social media platforms.


Tailwind is packed with different tools you can use to maximize your internet marketing strategies and tactics without the need to spend some valuable time on social media. It is a smart move to adopt a social media marketing tool to optimize desired results from a proven and tested app.

Tailwind app, as said earlier, works primarily on Pinterest and Instagram. So, we can categorize these management features into two parts: Pinterest Management and Instagram Management.

Under Pinterest Management you can access to Pinterest analytics and reporting, content marketing, content optimization, content promotion, content recommendations, monitoring, and trends and customize your pins based on the suggested schedule of the app on Pinterest.

Also, under Instagram Management, you can access analytics and reporting, audience management, hashtag monitoring, listening, scheduling, and User-Generated Content (UGC) content management.

TailwindApp for Instagram

Simplified Pinterest Management Features:

Overall Summary (Weekly) – It is a summary that you can view from your main dashboard. It is the necessary details that you need, including follower activity, repins, domain pins, and more.

It tracks a maximum of 7 days activity, meaning you can monitor the status of your business if it had gathered more or less traffic, in short progress in a week.

Convenient Content Management – It is a great challenge for every Pinterest marketer to be able to place a pin at a time, which is a very time consuming and exhausting part for you. But with Tailwind, you can collect your content and images, and you can upload it all at once.

Instead of uploading photos individually to your different boards, you can be able to use Tailwind feature to save images or blog posts through installing the browser extension.

Using Tribes Feature – Tribes are one of the most unique and useful features of Tailwind and sets above, among other tools. A tribe is a group of tailwind users, they pin contents to their boards, and if it happens to be they are posting of the same topics you are in, you can share it and repin to your board.

Therefore, you can join other tribes and have useful content that you can maximize your benefit. It builds a community that works hand in hand in one common goal, to be successful.

You should repin and share pins of similar topics at least one from each tribe member.

Accelerate Pinterest with Tailwind

Using Publisher Tool – You can manage your drafts, schedule pin posting, create word listings, and other more in one convenient location. Through Tailwind, you can use Smart Loops, which is a handy tool at a price. Smart Loops can be availed by paying an additional $4.99 per month, wherein you can unlock the Tailwind’s automation features that help you post and engage more efficiently.

Receive Insights – Tailwind gives you that analytics you need to perform better and better each week. You can track how well your performance based on the data it will send. It tracks as well as the website and board insights, organic activity, and referral activity.

Receive Email Reports – It delivers everything you need to know that can be seen in your inbox. The reporting tools give you a vivid summarization of how well your account is doing, including actionable insights like repinning high-performing content or fixing pins that can perform better of improved a little bit.

Accessible Mobile App – Tailwind generated a mobile app both for iOS and Android devices to better monitor and maximize usability. This app is fully functional, including all the publishers and other analytical tools you can find, the same features you can see on the standard web-based version.

Simplified Instagram Management Features  – There are fewer features available for Instagram compared to Pinterest. But it is something you must keep an eye since they are currently developing more tools to maximize better the potential of that platform due to an increase of subscription.

Using Publisher tool – Through Tailwind, can draft, schedule posts, publish a post, and keep your Instagram account in just one click.

Receive Insights – Tailwind gives you all the analytics you need along with the post inspector, which would help you better create a more engaging post.


Tailwind offers a free trial for their clients. Interestingly, there is no deadline whenever you sign up for the free trial, but they set the limit on your functions in using the trial. You can only schedule up to 100 pins maximum, and after that, your free trial must be upgraded, or you must purchase an upgrade plan for $9.99/month provided that you are happy with the services they offer. Tailwind starts at just $9.99/month if you are buying an annual plan ($14.99 monthly).

There are several plan options to pick whichever is useful to you.

•    Plus Plan – is a starting plan for availing Tailwind App for a price of $15 per account per month. The benefits include One (1) account included, 7-Day History Archive, Basic Profile (& Board) Metrics, Basic Website Insights, Measure Post Success, Multi-Account Capability, Smart Scheduling, and Unlimited Scheduling.

•    Professional Plan – is a secondary plan for availing Tailwind App for a price of $1199.99 per month. The benefits include 1-Year History Archive, five (5) Collaborators, Benchmark vs. Competitors, Export Data, Full Profile & Board Reporting, Measure Pinterest ROI, Multi-Account Capability, Optimize Content Strategy, and Pinterest Brand Monitoring

•    Enterprise Plan – is the highest plan for availing Tailwind App for a price based on the quotation. The benefits include:  Content Discovery Engine, Contests / Sweepstakes, Dedicated Support, Industry Trends, Influencer Campaigns, Invoiced Billing, Multi-Account Capability, Team Roles & Permissions, Unlimited Collaborators and Unlimited History Archive

To sign-up with the Tailwind app, you must go through the process. First, go and visit their website. Second, choose to sign up with Pinterest or sign up with Instagram (depending on your preferred social media platform) to connect to your account. Third, link your business page after you have gone sign up.

TailwindApp prices


It is essential to know what technical specification of this social media marketing tool so that you will have an overview of how it is designed. We must know the details such as what are the devices supported, deployment, language support, pricing model, customer types, and the support medium it offers.

Tailwind app is compatible with various devices and operating systems: Windows, iPhone/iPad, Mac, and Web-based devices. It is a cloud-hosted app. The medium for communication is the English language. Pricing can be modified through given models which suit to your payment preference.

Payments can be Monthly, Yearly, or Quote-based subscription. This app is for business owners who want to expand their business in social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram, whether you are small, medium, large business owners, or a freelancer. Tailwind customer support can be via Email and Phone.

Drive traffic from Pinterest


It is an essential factor that in every business, there is always a competitor to keep the services and products improving, and you’ll be able to get the best out of your money. Tailwind has many competitors in the market, but there are few notable competitors who may be considered to look at it. These are Zoho Social, Facebook Pages Manager, RecurPost, Woofy, and Social Champ.

•    Zoho Social is a smart tool that helps businesses grow in their presence in medial social platforms by reaching a specific audience at a period. It has a free trial and has a starting upgrade plan of $10/month.

Zoho allows tracking revenue from social media marketing efforts and managing multiple social networks, monitoring keywords, scheduling unlimited posts, and team collaboration from a single dashboard.

It works great on the known social platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Instagram and can also be integrated with ZOHO CRM. It allows you to publish relevant content when the audience is most likely to see it through its prediction engine. You can listen and engage with their audience in real-time and interact about what customers are talking about.

A ready-made or custom reporting tools provide businesses with insightful information to help you measure and improve your performance. Zoho Social given reports can also be shared and discussed with team members to ensure effective collaboration and decisions.

•    Facebook Pages Manager is a mobile app created to help Facebook Page users manage their pages, and everything in them, maximizing the usage of smartphones and/or tablets. The app can be downloaded via Apple App Store or Google Play for free.

It has a free trial, and no enterprise pricing plans are being offered at the moment. With this, you can easily update your pages, submit posts, share photos and videos, and interact with other page members by responding to their messages.

You can also get notified about page activities, tips, and reminders. Facebook Pages Manager allows your businesses to publish relevant content when the audience is most likely to see it through its prediction engine. This app also gives you Page insights to help you gather information and see what your customers want and devise strategies to meet their needs and demands.

Facebook Pages Manager separates the business and personal tools often utilized by Facebook users, which then helps users streamline the interface of the core app, and allow for more natural Page updates.

•    RecurPost is a social media post scheduler that allows you to reuse your best content and updates on your social media accounts, allowing you to share them continuously at a perfect interval. With this, you can utilize your best content and updates on social media.

It has a free trial and has a starting upgrade plan of $25/month.   The software helps you retain existing customers, attract ideal prospects, and close more sales, which are by far more critical factors in business.

Whether for personal or commercial use, this social media scheduler enables you to continually feed your audience with content that they can relate with, keeping them aware and engaged with your brand and providing your business with the visibility it needs to become and remain significant.

•    Woofy is a social media marketing platform that combines the power of artificial intelligence, voice technology, and compliance engines to help your business grow in the process automation and achieve digital marketing standards.

This social media marketing offers the experience of being in control of multiple social media accounts to its users.  It has a free trial and has a starting upgrade plan of $49/month.

Perhaps the unique capability of Woofy is its built-in voice assist, which makes it audible and stands among social media platforms. Through this technology, it gives you a whole new way of doing business, of which you can start and introduce new marketing campaigns by speaking.

Woofy’s notable feature is it can function as a single platform for all your business social media accounts, which makes it innovative and user-friendly, particularly for small- and medium-sized businesses.

•    Social Champ is a social media management and scheduling automation software created to help you effectively manage all their social media-related operations (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.), including post scheduling, performance analysis, and content management to mention some. Social Champ provides you with a single, unified solution to manage all their social media accounts.

It has a free trial and has a starting upgrade plan of $10/month.  With it, you have a comprehensive platform with which they can manage, facilitate, and direct all their social media efforts efficiently and smoothly.

From a routine task of scheduling content on various social media channels to reaching out to your followers to implementing your social media marketing strategies, Social Champ can handle them up, saving you time and effort that you can use on important things, like growing your subscriber base or steering your business to success.

Keeping in mind that businesses have unique business wants, and it is logical to think that people should avoid subscribing to an all-in-one best solution for every social media account you have.

The definite action that every business owner must take would be to make a list of different chief factors that entail traces of investigation to essential features, pricing, technical skill, the competence of staff, business size, and many more.

Thus, you need to research a ton of data that would cater to your needs and expectation. Tailwind is different amongst all, as you can see in the reviews, and if you are still in doubt, you can scrutinize other competing software systems in the market. Tailwind is by far the most and reliable social marketing tool that suits your needs and your business.


  • Reasonable Price
  • Pinterest and Instagram focused.
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Automation tools available
  • Tribes are great for connections.
  • Helpful tutorial videos
  • A brilliant browser extension for content management
  • Accessible through Mobile App
  • Pin inspector to check how well each Pin performs.
  • Great hashtag recommendations for Instagram
  • Time saver automation
  • Curate high-quality content from tribes
  • Fast growth through tribe community
  • Timely and relevant insights
  • Impressive results, even for start-ups.


  • Limited Instagram features
  • Can’t combine Instagram and Pinterest plans
  • Not a good option if you are finding an all-in-one solution
  • No multi-image post option for Instagram
  • Curating content takes time.


The Tailwind may not meet your required media marketing on all your social media accounts, but it is important to note that it is specially-designed for a narrow application. Tailwind is a Pinterest solution.

It has extended functionality, simplifying posting, valuable insights, discovering industry connections, and more, it’s hard to beat the overall functionality and affordability of the Tailwind app.

Whether you’ve used Pinterest for years or interested in exploring it for your next campaign, take Tailwind close to your options for media marketing, and your target goals will be successfully attained. Try this app right now and sign-up a plan.

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