The best websites to get free Images for your blog

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Blogging is more than a passion for writers in the digital world. Some people do write for general purposes while others write to earn some money.

Every blogger strives best to provide quality content, optimized by SEO, and some quality images.

No matter what field a website is related to, i.e., technology, shopping, or general information, if it has some well-written descriptions aided by some associated images, it will not only increase the traffic but improve the reputation of the website.

Also, images enhance the outlook of your blog and make it easy for the users to read.

The best websites to get free images for your blog

There are thousands of websites on the internet from where we can find the images for our blog. The most popular website or engine is Google images. But the main issue of copying images from these unknown websites is the copyright.

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Many countries, i.e., the US has strict laws for copyrights. In simple words, if you don’t know anything about copyrights, it means that the uploaders own most of the images on the internet, and if you download or use them without their permission, they can maybe take you to court.

Another problem that most of the bloggers face is the price of the images. Many images on different websites are for sale purposes, and we can only have them after we pay a certain amount. This does not suit many bloggers, as they may have a tight budget.

The best thing to tackle this is Creative Common Images or free images. These are the owns that are free to use or download and are allowed by the owners. In this article, I will describe some of the best websites from where you can have some best quality free images.


This is one of the best websites on the internet where you can find some best quality images of all genres. Either you want images for your blog, or you need to change the wallpaper of your mobile or PC, StockSnap is the best platform.

Besides, it also shows you how many people have liked, viewed, and downloaded the related images. This will help you to judge better about the image/s you are going to download.


Another stunning website, with some high contrast images, is the Pixabay. One thing I noticed while browsing the site was the quality of the photos. For example, when you visit the website, you will find some unique and high-quality images that you will not find anywhere else easily.

All the images on this website are owned by the Pixabay and allow all the people to download or use these images without taking permission, etc. Not only this, but you can also find some high-quality illustrations, vector images, and videos free of cost.

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This yet another website with high-resolution pictures of all genres. Either you are looking for images for your blog or you want photos for any other purpose, this website will not let you down, and you will surely find the right thing.

Another thing that most of the people face is the resolution quality. If you use low-resolution images on large screens, i.e., set as desktop background, the pixels will burst, and the result will be wrong. So, it’s better to use these websites if you want excellent quality images.


Unsplash has a collection of over 300,000 images, aided by more than 50,000 contributors. These people upload countless photos each day, and every day you will some new and beautiful images.

Similar to the websites mentioned above, Unsplash also doesn’t compromise on the quality, and you will surely find the picture you are looking for.


Another splendid and beautiful platform for free images is Pexels. The best thing about the websites is the categories. For instance, all the photos are assigned their respective categories so we can find the image we are looking for.

I was genuinely amazed when I visited the website and wished that I should have visited this website before. Moreover, there are specific rankings for the best photographers, and the number of their followers is shown.


The number of images on this website is less than compared to the other ones. But the good thing about this website is quality. There are some unique, creative, and amazing pictures of different categories.

The thing I liked the most about Gratisography is the search engine, which you will find on the homepage. All you have to do is to enter the name or category of your favorite image, and it will show instant results.


This website best suits the foodie people like me. Not all the time, the bloggers have to write blogs regarding technological, etc. issues, but sometimes food comes in-between. And the bloggers like me will willingly and happily write about it.

So, the Foodiesfeed is although an image website but only of the food. Here you will find some exotic images of almost all kinds of food, and you can use them anywhere easily.

I am writing for over four years, and most of the clients demand matching images for the articles or blogs. So, before starting to write, you must have some websites in your mind from where you can download the photos of your choice.

But make sure that the images you are going download are free of copyright or the owner allows you to download or use. This will help save you from falling into trouble.

For more details regarding copyrights and the use of images, you can visit this website. This will give you a better idea about the copyrights and its related issues. Happy blogging…!

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