The Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

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What are WordPress Plugins?

WordPress plugins are pre-coded apps (codes). This codes “plugin” to your WordPress website to give you extra functionality and allow customization.

There are more than 50 thousand free plug-ins available. Anyone can integrate these into their website by searching them on the Plugin page of WordPress.

Why we need WordPress Plugins for our Blog/Website?

Whenever someone makes a profile with WordPress, it is pretty basic. Not only basic but also everyone has almost identical profiles.

To differentiate your profile from others, you choose a built-in background theme from the settings to add structure, design, et cetera in your profile.

Using these, you can post simple blogs, et cetera but cannot customize websites’ appearance and performance completely.

At that point, every website needs the plugins. Thousands of codes are available for every need of your blog. Some of the things WordPress Plugin can do are:

  • Managing all of your content
  • Assist in optimizing the blog posts
  • Allow sharing on social media and similar platforms.
  • Set backup
  • Connect your email service provider account with your newsletter subscription form.
  • Allow generating different forms
  • Displays podcast on the blog
  • Add Google Analytics Codes to your website.
  • Provide security against hacking and other online threats.
  • Filter out unwanted and spam content

WordPress is an open-source code. Anyone can create and sell its plugins.

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There are also premium versions of free plugins, which offer much more than their free versions. Hence, there are uncountable free and paid options available to fulfill any need for your blog.

In the next section, we will discuss some must-have WordPress for bloggers for their basic and advanced needs.

Essential WordPress Plugins for Bloggers:

Once a plugin is installed in your blog, you can activate or deactivate it anytime as per requirement. This means you can install more than one plugin code, even for a single purpose.

Here are some plugins which every blogger should have:

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the leading WordPress plugin to boost up your blog. As the name reflects, it is for search engine optimization and boosting blog traffic.

It automatically considers every aspect such as keywords, backlinks, metadata, extensions, sitemaps and tag areas, and a lot more to attract more traffic from search engines.

From small blogs to big businesses, everyone can optimize their WordPress account using Yoast SEO. It has both a free and premium version.

The free version offers access to free courses, 10 keyphrase queries a day, manual research, content improvement, check on pages manually, Google preview, avoiding duplicate content, readability check, classic editor and block editor, and indexable.

Premium Version offers: All the features of free version with additional benefits with full access to Yoast courses, finding high-performing keywords for your blog, multiple languages, removing all out outdated content, internal linking suggestions, content insights, automate your publishing flow in Yoast SEO, and giving a clear overview of your focus keywords and SEO scores.


Keeping in check your traffic stats and clicks on your blog is critical to evaluating the blog’s weak and strong sides.

MonsterInsights is the best available, third-party WordPress plugin for this purpose.

It is a plugin to connect your google analytics (GA) account with your blog to use all of its analytical tools to evaluate your blog’s performance.

You do not need to write lengthy codes and set up settings manually to use your GA account for your blog. Instead, just a few clicks can do the job.

This plug-in displays all stats on the WordPress dashboard, so you do not have to open your GA account every time you want to look at your traffic and performance summary.

MonsterInsights have both free and paid version.


This single WordPress plugin performs multiple functions. It is one of the most trusted all-in-one solutions for SEO, statistics, security, and marketing.

Jetpack free feature offers Downtime monitoring, content delivery network, activity log, automated social media posting, brute force attack protection, and site stats.

For the premium version, you have the option to choose a product bundle and individual products. Bundles start from $16 and go up to $80.

Even if you are running a big blog, this single plugin can manage most of your content. For example, the complete bundle in just $80 (monthly payment billed yearly) offers all real-time security features, daily backup, spam protection, enhanced search, CRM (Entrepreneur bundle), marketing, up to 100k records of site search, growth, and design tools.

WordFence Security

This plugin is for firewalls and malware scans. It provides you with real-time traffic monitoring, email alerts, and protection against security threats of viruses, spam, malware, and hacking.

It also ensures that your site runs smoothly and fast by offloading CPU and memory-intensive tasks to the WordFence cloud scanning servers.

Using this plugin, you can also geolocate your real-time traffic at the commercial level.

Just like the aforementioned plugins, WordFence also has both paid and free versions.


This WordPress plugin is a conversion rate optimization software. This marketing tool kit helps build popup, make visitors your email subscribers, personalize the marketing campaigns, recover abandon cart sales, create popup/subscription forms, and show targeted offers.

OptinMonster does not provide any free version or free trial.


This WordPress plugin is also for blog auditing and security. Some of its features are Security Activity Auditing, File Integrity Monitoring, Remote Scanning Module, Effective Security Hardening, Post-Hack Security Actions, and Security Notifications.

It offers one of the best free malware protection.

You can benefit from all basics of these features for free. For advanced security, the premium version is also available.

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If you are running a business blog, WooCommerce is a must-have plugin. It offers numerous e-commerce solutions such as setting up a service store on your blog, cart, checkout places, keeping in-check of product inventory, and calculate taxes and shipping.

You can make this online store with a free custom domain and personalized templates from WooCommerce.

It is available in both free and premium versions.


It is a drag and drops page building plugin which offers advanced content editing and customization without any coding. It is an all-in-one solution to control every aspect of your blog design.

The websites designed with the help of Elementor loads faster compared to the websites designed with other plug-ins. It offers both free and paid services.

WP Rocket

It is to help the website load faster and speed up the server performance of the website. It is a caching tool that makes sure that your blog loading time is always faster.

Fast loading speed is one of the prime factors in moving up in Google Rankings.

WP Rocket does not have any free version. Instead, it comes with two weeks the money-back guarantee.

WP Smush

It is an image optimizer plugin to optimize the images without losing their quality. This plugin also backs up all the original images and automatically resizes/scale images up to 32 megapixels.

It is available for free only for the first 7 days. After a free trial, you have to pay a monthly subscription to continue.


These WordPress plugins can open new doors of possibilities that you might not experience otherwise.

Most of these plugins are free and listed on WordPress to add to your blog. We highly recommend you to add these to get the most from your blog in all aspects.

Using these nifty plugins will enhance not only yours but also your blog visitors’ experience.


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