Does the Wealthy Affiliate Work?

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If you are amongst those searching for a legitimate way to make some money online without falling for a scam or going through numerous surveys while being paid only a few pennies for all the time and efforts, then you might want to read this review. As it tells you more about Wealthy Affiliate, which might be the thing you are looking for when you’re asking yourself if Does the Wealthy Affiliate Work?

It is based on my initial investigation for a friend of mine who wanted to find whether Wealthy Affiliate was legit or not. I wasn’t interested in earning any money, but things turned out differently as I found myself being engulfed in it and made quite an income from it. Now it’s time for me to share it with you so that you can benefit from it as well.

I will cover everything I learned in this review. It will be a fair ride, and you will find everything you need to know about Wealthy Affiliate here. Everything will be covered, from how it works and its creators to its pros, cons, and pricing plans. By the end, you will be anything but sure about Wealthy Affiliate’s legitimacy and how profitable it can be.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

It was founded by Kyle and Carson in 2005 and has quickly gained recognition and has become a very reputable and high-rated resource for grasping digital marketing ropes. It is a course that promises to train, educate, teach, and support you in your journey towards running a successful business online. Now it has become an online community of over 100,000 members.

You can take Wealthy Affiliate as an internet marketing product. Still, unlike other products you find online, it is more of an interactive entrepreneur’s community that collaborates to make money online. It is a training center where you learn how to increase your chances of succeeding online.

Step by step affiliate marketing strategy

The point is that it provides you with as much help as possible and that for both experts and professionals worldwide. Their support is top-notch as they are top earners in the industry with insights on how the industry works. Not only does Wealthy Affiliate offers “how-to” series of lessons, but it has also managed to fit everything together.

They make users understand the bigger picture by showing them how to connect different aspects of internet marketing. They also show how each component leads to becoming a whole, making it a lot easier to understand.

Apart from that, they also provide the best resources for affiliate marketing and have the most friendly community of people that are ever ready to help each other.

The training covers almost everything, from lessons for newbie marketers to some outstanding lessons that cater to advanced marketers. It has it all. The course period is long enough to provide a detailed overview of everything so that everyone feels satisfied.

Training at Wealthy Affiliate

What will you learn?

Wealthy Affiliate covers many things which it teaches gradually through the course. They inform you of the ins and out of affiliate marketing so that by the end of the training, you can launch yourself fully in the market without any hassle. You will become a champion affiliate if you make the smart choice of enrolling now. Here is a summary of things which you will learn there:

  • You will learn how to find a niche market.
  • It will teach you how to perform keyword research effectively.
  • Create appealing and exciting blogs.
  • Write traffic-generating content for your blog.
  • Learn how to search for free pictures to enhance your blog.
  • You will be given two free blogs, which will enable you to get started.

This is just a gist, and in reality, you learn a lot more. This is only to give you an idea of what Wealthy Affiliate is all about. If you want complete details, then why not sign up for it. It’s free and will provide you with all the details of what you’ll learn and how much money you could make with each pricing plan.

You will understand a lot more once you get a free account and look your own eyes at what WA is offering.

So if you are serious about making money online, then after tearing this review go surf their website and create an account. This is precisely what I would do if I were in your place. You will be able to further evaluate the options by yourself and better understand the pros and cons that apply to you.

What do people have to say about Wealthy Affiliate?

You shouldn’t only listen to me. Many people are speaking up about how profitable the Wealthy Affiliate has been for them. You will find positive testimonials all over the internet from people who have genuinely earned money through it.

You will find thousands of people who earn a full-time living as an affiliate marketer thanks to WA. I have been doing so for the past 10+ years. By reading other reviews, you will undoubtedly be sure that it is bound to show results and is perfect for all those serious about making a living online.

So you Don’t Need to Believe Me or put complete trust in me. You will find hundreds of other Affiliate members who can back my opinion and share their success stories with you, and to be honest, these stories are what made me join Wealthy Affiliate in the first place. They are motivational, and you will enjoy reading them!


  • Clear Action Plan.
  • It caters to all levels as it provides both beginners and professional training.
  • Uses visuals to teach, especially Video tutorials, which take the whole course in a step-by-step way, making it easier to comprehend
  • A trusted community of 10,000′s members.
  • Interactive Classrooms and engaging tasks to be completed, which enhances learning.
  • There is Live Help provided by experienced members and experts in the industry.
  • You get to build two websites so that you get to know how things work in reality.
  • It offers State of Art Hosting.
  • The environment is strictly spam-free.
  • There are no extra charges or up-sells except for Premium.
  • The Membership is entirely FREE!


  • It provides a lot of information that can be overwhelming and cause overload. You can get easily distracted and sidetracked.
  • The significant number of members and their questions, stories, and progress makes it difficult to reach the relevant information.
  • Live Chat can be very addictive and can cause a lot of time to go to waste.
  • There is a strict prohibition of advertising and selling within WA, so users cannot take advantage of the vast community.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate for?

A product cannot be for everyone, and this is true for WA as well. It is not perfect for everyone. It is only for those who are serious about building or expanding a successful business online and taking it to the next level. So if you want to know whether it is for you, then read along. In one sentence, it is for all those who wish to champion the world of Digital Marketing and are willing to learn and apply the concept learned here. Here is a list of people who should take this course:

  •  All those who have some free time and want to supplement their salary by earning extra income without any hassle.
  •  It is for all the stay-at-home mothers or fathers who cannot leave their homes because of their children. But they have free time and can spend it in front of the computer to earn extra bucks for their family from the remit-of their home.
  •  Perfect for students who, along with their studies, want to make some extra cash to pay for their tuition. As it doesn’t require full-time attention, students in colleges can build a 6-figure business from their dorm via Wealthy Affiliate.
  •  Business owners, entrepreneurs, and e-commerce owners wish to achieve more visibility and enhance their sales online.
  •  Beneficial for Retired folks who wish to make the best use of their free time without doing much hard work and supplement their pension.
  •  It is also a solution for those who wish to quit their 9-to-5 job by starting with a venture that they love but have no idea where to start and are afraid of failing. Many people have successfully created a profitable business and have quit their day job thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.
  •  Perfect for Digital Nomads who wish to travel the world and make money through the internet without being restricted to one place. They can now live anywhere around the world while working as an affiliate.

A good choice for making money at home

So you can see now that WA is a smart choice for many people, especially those who seek to earn money without leaving their comfort zone. However, there is one thing to understand, which is that WA also requires time and effort. It wouldn’t place money on your plate. You will have to work hard at first, and then you can reap the benefits later.

Those who think internet marketing is a piece of cake are wrong as it needs determination, innovation, and hard work to make it work. Not all affiliates become successful, so it depends upon your willpower. This program will only teach you the ways to build a business. But to make it a profitable one will rely upon your capabilities and the investment you make in terms of time and effort. Thus, to benefit from WA, you shouldn’t only be serious about learning but should also be willing to work tirelessly.

How much does WA cost?

WA costs vary according to membership levels. There are two levels within Wealthy Affiliate. The first one is a free starter membership, and there are no subscription fees or upsells. It’s genuinely open and transparent and will always remain that way. The second one is a premium membership, which provides advanced features, that is why it comes with a cost.

The price is $49 per month, which is reduced to $19 in the first month. If you pay annually, the monthly charge is reduced to $30.

The difference between the two levels

The basic level is incredible and is for starters who haven’t started earning yet, as it can be joined without spending a single penny. This makes WA much better than any other course as none of them offers an entirely free membership without any risk. It is basically for beginners who wish to look around and gain insights by meeting the community before deciding to invest further. If they are satisfied, then they have ahead towards the premium membership, which offers even benefits.

You will surely get the best return on your investment and will fall in love with it. You can still build a business online through free starter membership, which has no strings attached, but the premium has its perks connected with a little cost. Let us compare the two levels so that you can understand them thoroughly:

What does the 0$ starter membership have to offer:

  • Instant access to more than five hundred training modules.
  • Two free websites to work on together with free hosting.
  • You gain access to three classrooms.
  • Live support from the creators for the starting seven days and then constant support from numerous experts within WA!
  • Access to 30 keyword searches per month.
  • Phase 1 of the Boot camp course also opens up for you, which teaches ways to build an authority website.

What does the Premium membership have to offer:

  • It provides you with Video Classes.
  • Instant access to more than five hundred training modules.
  • Access to Unlimited free websites, together with free hosting.
  • Website Backup along with the Website Security Package.
  • Access to all twelve classrooms.
  • You are provided with Live support from the creators, which is unlimited.
  • Continuous support from all the experts within WA at all times!
  • It also gives access to unlimited keyword searches
  • All levels of the Boot camp course can be availed
  • The commission increased by more than 100%
  • You gain access to my support privately
  • … and much more!

Remember, whichever level you choose, you will avail of valuable benefits from both of them—especially the step-by-step learning approach of Wealthy Affiliate University. In my opinion, once you begin learning how to build a business from Kyle, Carson, and other professional members and get a taste of their support, you will be amazed.

Join Wealthy Affiliate banner

This is the uniqueness of this program, which most other online courses lack. It has a clear action plan engrossed with total live support.

Live Video Classes in Wealthy Affiliate

This component of Wealthy Affiliate is not only my favorite but has become everyone’s favorite. Their classes occur every single week, and through it, WA offers interactive learning sessions. During the live class, you can chat with the rest of the members and resolve any queries. This way, the classes become more engaging as people participate and can give further input.

These classes touch on numerous subjects that are vital and relevant in today’s world. It is one of the most strategic parts of the course and is the reason behind WA’s popularity. Each class is vibrant and dynamic and teaches something new, and becomes a source of learning new information every week.

You also have the option to avail of recorded versions of these video classes. In this way, you can replay them whenever you want and watch them at your convenience. Now they have a collection of more than 200 training videos for members.

These videos and the overall training have a respectable rank of 98%. Most paid courses fail to provide that, while WA members get it without spending a dime. The training has received 98% positive reviews while the support received 100%, and the value generates has been cited as 98%.

Earning Potential of Wealthy Affiliate

This is the most asked question, especially from new WA members.

But the thing is that the answers to these questions very. There cannot be one specific answer as it depends upon the member’s capabilities and efforts. Earning potential differ from member to member by how dedicated they are.

Although there is no exact answer, one thing is clear. The earnings are directly proportional to the amount of time and effort you put in. The way you learn and apply determines the amount of money you will earn. One thing that is common among the highly successful folks – they followed the training to the dot. They applied in by taking massive actions.

wealthy affiliate bootcamp commission structure

So WA will not help you if you fail to apply it.

Wealthy affiliate lets you do what you love

The best thing about WA is that it lets you do what you love. Instead of boring marketing tasks, you get to choose your interest and then work on it. If you love games, you can use WA training to build a website which talks about games. Publish articles and reviews on it so that people can make a purchasing decision.

By just doing this, you start an income stream by telling people where to purchase these goods from, like Amazon. So whenever people purchase from these sites through your referral, you earn a commission for each purchase. Thus you will be making money without even getting in touch with the product, its costs, or any other issues.

All you have to do is engage people and make them buy the product from a particular seller who provides you with the commission. There is a wide variety of stuff for which you can conduct affiliate marketing. All you have to do is draw traffic and help those readers find the products they want.

WA business model

Isn’t this the most amazing business model ever? You don’t have to be scared about generating traffic; this is what WA helps you achieve. So the remaining thing would be to select the product you like and follow the training. Make use of the support by asking questions whenever you find something unclear or ambiguous.

WA and its community will be there to help with every step. You will get to learn something new every day about the things you love. So what can top this program? There is nothing to dislike, and everything about this course is on point.

If you feel like a second opinion will be helpful to have a better image of what Wealthy Affiliate is, please watch Simon Gorges ‘s video on YouTube:

Wealthy Affiliate Community and Support

The community aspect of WA is something that none of the other programs can match. Everyone loves WA because it promotes a feeling of belonging and support, which other courses fail to provide. It enhances communication and leads to quicker solutions to problems as there are so many members willing to help. No spamming and advertising is allowed.

You can get instant help from experts when in need. You have the option of live chatting, which is extremely useful for gaining insights and learning from others’ experiences.

As you brainstorm with others, you learn how to communicate ideas and open yourself to beneficial critiques.

You will find no negativity or backward opinion as WA is a learning center where every member is valued.

Revenue source for affiliate marketing

Wealthy Affiliate is available in which country?

Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership is available for all countries. The only requirement is the internet. However, the Free Membership is not currently accessible in seven states, including Bangladesh, India, Egypt, Nigeria, Philippines, Pakistan, and Vietnam.

If you live in any of the countries mentioned above, you can still become a member through premium membership. Avail of all the features by just paying $49 a month. Remember, WA features work the same in every country. And you can build a top-notch online business as long as you have time and access to a stable internet connection.

So be it any corner of the world, you can enroll and gain benefits as soon as you gain membership.

Update 2021 – Wealthy Affiliate has a new premium membership – Premium Plus. Check it out and find your way to success!!!

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  1. Thank you for sharing! Wealthy Affiliate sounds like an amazing program! I really appreciate that it has a free option because I tried creating a profitable website a few years ago and it didn’t work out. I’m not sure what happened but I was blocked from my site for breaking a rule. They didn’t tell me what I did wrong or how to fix it, so that was the end of that. I didn’t realize that there are training options! I was googling my way through. After reading your article, I realize that I didn’t even know what to google. I had not heard of “keywords” or “niche markets” or “building traffic”. I’m still looking for an income opportunity and this looks perfect for me. Thank you!

  2. Hi Theresa,
    Yes, WA is great. Just go and sign up for free, follow the first 10 free lessons and create your first site.
    You will see how it looks and decide for yourself if it is worthy.
    Please feel free to ask me any time if you need help

  3. Thanks for sharing the great content! For me. i definitely believe Wealthy Affiliate will work. It is a great platform that can’t find from others program.

  4. Hey,

    This is a really well organised and informative review. I joined Wealthy Affiliate about three years ago and I believe it is the best affiliate program out there. Not just because of it’s price but also the training and the support.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work on your site.

    All the best,


  5. Hi,
    Thank you for this amazing review on Wealthy Affiliate. I feel super positive and motivated after reading this and the best thing is that its a legit programme that helps you make money online and you can be a member for free for life. So, basically you can even learn to create a website in 60 seconds. How amazing is that! The community at Wealthy Affiliate platform is super supportive and helps you reach your goals. All you have to do it say consistent with your learning and applying the knowledge into practice and keep going towards your success. One of the amazing thing About Wealthy Affiliate is that you cannot find any post from legit source that says that wealthy Affiliate is anything less than the best.

    Many thanks for sharing your views with us.

  6. Good one here and I must agree with you that wealthy affiliate works and it is one of the very best things availvel out there presently. Though I have been on so many other platforms before but I must say that none is compared with wealthy affiliate and what I have gained in here. Personally, I like the the traninings and the support and all.

  7. Hi There.

    Thanks for sharing your views on Wealthy Affiliate it sounds like a good place to start. I’m looking for some time about info for their training. I read a lot of reviews, but finally, yours convinced me. 

    I will give it a try. 

    Do you know something about their training area, I understood that you are able to create your own trainings, and get paid for it?

    In Friendship


    • Hi Jonah,
      Yes, you will be paid for the trainings you create.
      It is a payment on levels – you get credits for the comments and likes your training receive.
      For example, when you get 20 comments, you’ll receive 10 credits = 5$
      You can get much more as people keep asking question, give feedback, like, etc.
      Please ask if you need more info on anything, cheers

  8. I have been into online business for a while now and I haven’t been wallowing in not making progress at least not much because there is so much I was wasn’t doing. After I read this article about the training at Wealthy Affiliate and gave it a trial it was really amazing and I felt really lucky. I am a big fan of how they handle their training and the exposure you get from being a member of the platform.

  9. This is a great WA review! It covers everything and leaves out nothing. You make WA sound very simple which it really is. I hope that you don’t mind if I use some of your material in a future post? Anyway, thank you for doing a very masterful job in explaining WA.

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