What Freelance Writers Need to Know About SEO

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As a freelance writer, you possess the skills to develop articles that can catch the interest of the readers. However, when it comes the time for positioning your articles on the web, it’s not enough just to know how to write. In this case, you have to take into account the existing marketing strategies.

If you are new in the world of content writing and articles development, you should have heard the word “SEO” everywhere. What do these acronyms mean? The word SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization.

With this optimization process, you can position your articles or website to appear in the top organic search engine results. It seeks to be visible on the network so that the publications we make are highlighted in the senior positions of search engines.

What Freelance Writers Need to Know About SEO

Nowadays, the writers must know a series of techniques that allow them to develop excellent content in structure. Other things that you should consider are the different factors that make your content attractive on the web.

That is why we are about to show you the basic aspects of SEO that you should know as a freelance writer:

Proper keyword

This is a critical factor in SEO since this represents the hitch for the reader on the network. This must be present in each section of the assignment or article.

These words or short phrases are the means for readers to find you on the web. For that, you should take into account the next items:

– Invest the time needed to search the keywords.

– Include different keywords, but that these do not interfere with maintaining a good content.

– Place keywords that are related to the central theme of the content you are going to develop.

There are a lot of tools that can be very useful when you are searching for the correct keyword. Google, for example, has Google Adwords Keyword Planner; it is an entirely free tool that will allow you to obtain information.

This is a right choice, but the best recommendation is to use several options that will help you find the precise keyword in the network. There are also keyword search engines from Moz, DiiB, and Jaaxy, among other alternatives.

If you have a keyword that has many searches, this will not guarantee you the number one position on the network. So you must consider the keyword correctly because many searches do not mean that you will have the best keyword. To start, the positioning of the keyword will have many complications due to competition.

Look for several options for keywords, with good search results and with less competition. It will not be easy, but you have to take the time to investigate. Remember to consider new alternatives that capture the attention of readers.

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Proposal Content

If you want to position yourself in the first place, you must offer the audience quality content. You must seek to be authentic, different; the content which you develop should have an added value for readers.

If you write articles with low development or you “cut-and-paste” information from the web, you will not be able to capture the interest of the audience. On the network, everyday content writing takes more importance as one of the most essential business sources, so the competition will be fierce.

The preferences of the users and what they are looking for on the network is one of the critical aspects to position the content.

Take your time to show posts with excellent quality and make a difference. With this, you will be able to climb to the top places in the search engines. The quality of the content will always help you to get -and keep- more readers.

The more real the content you show, the more acceptance it will have on the readers. Telling life experiences, problem solutions, general knowledge, even terror stories, will give you the option of creating affinity with a particular audience.

You have to write simply and clearly for your readers. Develop a structure in your articles; that way, the readers will be able to understand what you are telling. Having several sections and short phrases will help you to offer more friendly content.

To help you understand more about SEO structure, you can visit Wealthy Affiliate, where you will find many articles related to SEO that can help you to start in this world.

SEO On page

Showing quality content is the base for all the readers. However, when you don’t optimize that content, it probably will pass without been noted for the audience. To create a friendly content for the readers, you should evaluate your article in a process called “SEO On Page.”

What this implies is to apply specific techniques that can provide an article with a consistent structure for the users. Another point that you must take into account is that you have to show a logical structure and sequence.

In the article title, you must show the keyword. This is a fundamental rule. You have to show a title that arouses curiosity, which is attractive to users. WordPress is a great ally to help you with this part, with its tool called Yoast Seo.

Yoast Seo is a complement that will allow you to detect if the structure of the article is consistent with to position itself. If you use this tool, it will let you know with the color red which section of the article you should change, and in green, which one is OK.

Other aspects that you should take into account regarding the SEO On-Page are the size and weight of the images. Also, images should have ALT TEXT – which is the text that appears on web pages in case that the image fails to load.

The loading speed of the page, as well as the fact of using short and precise URLs that involve the keyword, are relevant for SEO as well.

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Link Building

To position yourself in the network, you must know this term: “Link Building.” This factor within SEO seeks to increase the authority of a page to the maximum level through link generation.

You must look for quality links that are consistent with the content you show. Do not only see the authority that these links can generate but also if they can generate traffic because this is what will make you visible on the network.

Be Always careful of not have broken links! WordPress helps you detect them and shows you alternatives to solve it. If you can’t find a way to solve it, you can find a way to redirect it.

Other important points are social links, as they are a way to make you visible on the web. Maintain the quality of the links, whatever they are.

Do not miss the opportunity of building new links, it is a practice a little bit harder, but it is an excellent choice to offer your articles to another blogger for link promotion.

Final Recommendations

  • To apply SEO techniques, what you need is patience and time. If you dedicate yourself to knowing these techniques, you will have many options to position yourself among the firsts.
  • The content you want to show must have quality; it should be different from the competition in the network.
  • Show a friendly and straightforward structure for your readers in the articles.
  • Place attractive images that express what you write.
  • Use video if possible.
  • Share your content on social networks, so you generate more traffic.
  • Stay updated. The network is always changing.
  • Look for all the options to train you. Knowledge in SEO will give you endless alternatives to make your content successful.
  • Again, you must be patient. Applying these techniques correctly takes time and study.
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