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Either you are a small business or a professional web developer, if you seriously want your SEO performance to stand out, Ahrefs is a tool for you. All around the world, it is known as a useful tool to boost up your website performance instantly.

Ahrefs Review

Ahrefs is an all in one search engine optimization tool. Purchasing this single tool, all SEO operations i.e., SEO auditing, competitors’ researches, backlinks generation, keywords research, SEO reporting, et cetera, will be covered. Launched in 2011, today, Ahrefs database has 7 billion keywords and 187 billion indexed pages. By this time, it has 12 trillion historical backlinks, and 6 billion web pages are browsed daily on the World Wide Web to do the perfect Web Indexing. This vast amount of data makes its data accuracy better than any other SEO software.

Some world-renowned users of Ahrefs are:

Marketers that use Ahrefs

Ahrefs is proven to grow traffic for every type of website, no matter a new website of an SME or a mature website of an enterprise. Here are details about the critical functions of this fully-featured tool.

What Ahrefs can do for you?

Once you get your hands on Ahrefs, we guarantee you that you won’t need another tool for SEO. It has initially been built to check the backlines, but after a lot of development, it is now capable of multitasking several operations at the time.

Some of these features are:

  • Site audit
  • Keywords suggestions
  • Ranking tracking
  • Finding keywords volume
  • SEO reporting with custom reports and white labels
  • Off-page SEO
  • Rank alerts
  • Link building
  • Backlines monitoring
  • Site exploration
  • Content exploration
  • Cannibalization of fixed keywords
  • Competitors analysis
  • Link management
  • Mobile keywords localization

Site auditing:

With site auditing, Ahrefs runs a diagnosis and finds out every possible issue on your website, which is causing trouble or can cause difficulty in the future. A cloud-based crawl run on your domains. This way, the audit is quicker, and the results are more accurate. The audit report highlights the points with broken links, which sides of your websites aren’t working, redirect chains, 404 errors, speed of the website, content-based, and technical-issues. Potential opportunities and solutions for the problems are also recommended.

Using the built-in filters, you can customize the audit as per your needs. This way, you can audit for specific problems and get their recommended solutions.

Besides, historical reports are generated with complete details of all the changes made on the website. Comparing performance, you can find out either change is helping to enhance performance or not. At the same time, with log file analysis, Ahrefs finds how search engines are crawling the website.

Backlink monitoring:

This was the core feature of Ahrefs when it started. Backlink monitoring has significant importance in SEO because it can make or break your website ranking. Using Ahrefs, you can find broken backlinks and fix them, find out anchor texts of your backlinks, find anchor texts of non-follow links, find out when a backlink was made, find lost backlinks, look at customers backlinks and areas of it on which they are working.

Lite plan allows users to look up to 25 domains / 100 URLs a day. The standard program you will let you analyze 100 domains and 500 URLs a day.

Ahrefs backlink research


Ahrefs keywords explorer is a complete keyword research tool. It helps you to find the keywords for your domain as well as to generate organic keywords.

Its keywords suggestions are based upon real-time data. Whatever tips you will get is what people are searching on different search engines. You can perform keyword research for seven search engines: Google, Amazon, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and Baidu.

Keyword researches usually suggest long-tail keywords that are more specific to your niche. The research volume of each keyword is also provided. It helps to know the popularity of a keyword among people and how much traffic is attracted to a keyword.

You can get a perfect keyword as per your desire using the Keywords List feature. This list has several filters and metrics to apply to your keyword research. Some of the metrics to keep in mind are:

  • Keyword difficulty. It helps to find keywords that can be ranked easily without a problem.
  • Keyword filter. Filter your keywords based on Consideration, Awareness, or Transaction.
  • Save your keywords during research using the Keyword List feature. These are for future use.
  • Clickstream data. Understand how users are interacting with search pages with the keywords you used. You use this for all seven search engines mentioned prior.
  • Using Parent Topic Feature, your keyword research will strictly stick to the parent topic of your website.

Another feature in Ahrefs related to keywords is fixing cannibalism. This is an issue that can ultimately damage your page ranking, but most keywords tools avoid adding it in their programs because people do not know about it. It mostly happens on websites that are operating for quite a while. Keywords cannibalism is when two or more pages of your domain start fighting with one another for the same keyword. This way, the pages of your domain start competing with one another for a keyword instead of competing with other domains. Most of the time, no page success in ranking for that keyword.

Research organic traffic table

Rank tracking and localization:

It helps to track where keywords stand on search engines. History reports are generated for organic keywords to show improvement or detritions in their position. Using the localization, the website’s keywords standing can be found for a particular geographical area. Ahrefs users also get alerts when there is a change in their ranking.

This feature works, but there is a significant con. Rankings are not updated daily or hourly. Though rank tracking depends upon the plan you choose, but still, ranks update after every three days is the best you are going to get. Fine for SME’s website, but this lack can be a troublemaker for more significant websites.

SEO Competitors analysis:

These features find the organic keywords used by your competitors for which their site is ranking. A complete analysis of those keywords is conducted. The accurate report is generated with a detailed analysis of each keyword i.e., how much the traffic a keyword is bringing, how it is impacting the niche ranking, successful or not, et cetera.

With this data of competitors for SERP ranking, domain strengths, and weaknesses, organic traffic for all organic keywords, detailed data can also be found using Ahrefs. Reports are represented through visuals of graphs and charts, making it easy to understand for everyone what is going on.

Organic traffic table

Content explorer:

With more than 1.1 billion indexed websites on Ahrefs, it is a perfect place for you to find content and ideas for your website. By analyzing the successful websites in your topic, you can easily find out the strategy they are working on. Using Ahrefs as a content explorer, you can keep updated with industry trends, traffic interests, and grow your website.

Languages available

Keeping its customers all across the world, Ahrefs is offering its software in multiple languages. No other SEO tool is offering these many languages.

  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Dutch
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Turkish
  • Chinese


There are four different plans available

Lite – It costs 99 USD per month. It is for one user. Five campaigns, 300 tracked keywords, rank update weekly, 25 domain exploration, 100 URLs per day, 10,000 rows per site report, and 3 Million rows per month comes with it.

Standard – for 179 USD per month. It is also for one person. 10 campaigns, 1000 tracked keywords, rank update every three days, 100 domain exploration, 500 URLs per day, 30,000 rows per site report, and 6 Million rows per month are offered with this plan.

Advanced – is for 399 USD per month. Three people can use it at a time. Twenty-five campaigns, 4000 tracked keywords, rank update every day, 250 domain exploration, 2000 URLs per day, 50,000 rows per site report, and 12 Million rows per month comes with it.

Agency – will cost you 999 USD per month. Five users can access this at a time. One hundred campaigns, 10,000 tracked keywords, rank update every day, 1000 domain exploration, 5000 URLs per day, 100,000 rows per site report, and 3 Million rows per month comes with it.

The mobile ranking is an additional feature in the Advanced and agency package both.

These are all monthly payments, 20% off is offered for each plan if you make a yearly purchase. You can also get a seven days trial by paying $9 only.


If you’re serious about your online success, then Ahrefs is a tool to consider using!

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