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If you are looking for a tool through which you can make local SEO marketing simple and easy, Bright Local is the answer for you. Before beginning with details about this network, let’s explain Local SEO Marketing for beginners and people for whom this concept is unknown.


Local SEO is optimizing the presence of your business as per your geography. The consumers near your business can easily find you through the internet with this. In simple terms, local SEO helps companies promote themselves online to local customers within a geographic area.

When a business goes for local SEO marketing, Google or other search engines display that business whenever a local searches about that industry or if a searcher looks for search engine results with local companies.

Local SEO grooms your online profile, and this profile is presented to the searcher when research relevant to your business is made in a geographical location.

Typical SEO shouldn’t be confused with Local SEO

Both increase the visibility and ranking of your business or website on the internet leading to more customers traffic flow towards your business. The core purpose of both is almost the same but with a slight difference.

Usual SEO is less targeted than the other one. It improves your site’s visibility on a national or global scale. Whereas, local SEO is focused on capturing the customers present in local search territory via connecting the searchers and service providers in the target geographical area.

The strategies used by SEO and local SEO are also somewhat similar. Only a slight difference in these strategies is that local SEO solutions employ specific measures to help you connect with searchers in your area.

In the market, you can find a lot of powerful SEO monitoring tools designed to perform complex operations. These tools aren’t compatible with the needs of SMEs and local businesses. There are very few SEO marketing tools for monitoring SEO for local businesses.

Investing in local SEO might seem luxury or an accessory for some people, but actually, it is a necessity nowadays. Local SEO is essential now if you’re planning to attract more local customers in this age of the internet.

Franchises, home and repair, medical facilities, real estate, local customer services, food, and beverages are some businesses that can see an instant boost in their customers’ inflow through this.

Now, let’s enlighten you with Bright local, its benefits, working, and some other details.


From all the previous content in this article, you must have a little idea about Bright Local by now. Since 2009, it is helping a variety of businesses, professional digital marketers, agencies, freelancers, and businesses all across the world.

Bright Local products

It is one of the best local search engine optimization tools with further sub-tools to enhance it’s core functions. These tools attract more local customers by making websites attractive yet simple.

Not only this, but these features also help a person to keep himself updated with quick and precise local SEO reporting. SEO reporting can be an actual headache for the person managing SEO marketing, as it is very time-consuming. The smart functionality of Bright Local can eliminate this headache.

Local prominence can be of little or no importance, but it can mean the world to the small and medium businesses. There is an exciting research result available on the internet about local SEO. The Search Engine Journal conducted it and explained everything very well – see the article.

A sample of the population was asked about their preferences and the factors they prefer when they go shopping. Results showed that proximity matters to local consumers more than anything. More than 92% of consumers travel just 20 minutes or less to purchase their day-to-day essentials.

This research can be an eye-opener for SME’s who think that investing in an excellent local SEO marketing network is an extra cost of business. It is not an additional but essential cost.

Highlights of BrightLocal:

Cost-effective tool

This tool is designed especially for local businesses, so its price is very less than high-fi SEO software. It cost just $3 per citation in case of individual quotation and 2$ in case of bulk orders. The low price doesn’t mean it is less effective than regular marketing tools. Not only is it simple, but its all six tools are quick as compared to others in the same category.

Directories for your business

BrightLocal met you optimize your local presence the way you want. It comes with directories as per geographical area and lets the user choose from this area they want to target. These directories are practical and designed to save money and time. The probability of not seeing the visible difference after using BrightLocal’s index based on local expertise is very low.


For citations of business two options are available

  1. 1. Manual citations teams
  2. 2. Aggregator submission

Using either option, you can generate an accurate citation for your business. It isn’t time-consuming at all. Customer reviews for this tool show that it helped their business with higher visibility and NAPW consistency in locally made research.

Bright Local citations monitor

This citation not only made your data visible locally but also enlist in several online business directories or portals, mobile apps, and in similar services worldwide.

Using data aggregator costs $5-25 per year. It is similar to the reporting tool. The only addition is that it presents your business as a thriving local business in customers search results.

The best local SEO tools. Free trial, no card needed

Data submission and results

To enlist your business, you have to provide your data manually. Submission results arrive within 14 days of submission. Though quick results generators are available at the same price, it is justifiable for the cost of Bright Local.

For live citations, 70% of submissions/updates will result in active listings within four weeks of submission.

Ranking comparison

Using this sub-tool, you can compare rankings of your business with rankings of your competitors. Roll-up reports reflect the ranking trends of your online existence for several locations. It is also capable of tracking down keywords on different search engines to boost the traffic.

These rankings are for users with a detailed breakdown of organic, mobile, and Maps rankings.

Local search rankings

Reputation Manager

Through this feature, businesses can track down and analyze reviews about their companies on several mediums on the internet. The majority of studies come directly from the customers, which can help the users to know where there is the scope of improvement in their business and how they can satisfy the needs of customers.

The famous sites on which BrightLocal can track reviews are Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, Foursquare, Tripadvisor, and 30 others.

Not only can you track, but also you can guide the users to leave the reviews on the website of your choice. The reputation manager will save you precious time too. You can directly to Google and Facebook reviews within a single tool.

Tools and their working:

The previous section elaborated on all essential functions the tools of BrightLocal can perform. In this section, we will mention all six tools and their brief features.

All these tools collectively make BrightLocal all in one solution. Instead of spending money to buy separate software to perform these functions, everything can be done with one single tool.

Rank Tracking

As name shows, it tracks your rank among similar businesses with an online citation in your local area. It continuously keeps on tracking rankings and inform user instantly if they go up or down. Besides tracking, reports are also generated, which are almost accurate. Comparing reports, one can quickly know the trend of his business popularity among the local community. Moreover, these reports about trends can be generated for the area of your choice. You can let your clients view statements online. You just need to share an external URL, and the reports can be white-labeled for outsiders.

Local SEO check-up

It is an SEO audit tool that continuously conducts searches on different aspects of your site to highlight its weak and strong points. These audit check-up reports are provided to the user when they use this sub-tool of bright local. Surprisingly, it is quick and accurate. Necessary reports about all aspects are generated in an average of 5 minutes, and complete details of this report come in the next 15 minutes.

Local SEO site check. Run a complete audit in minutes. 14-day free trial.

Citation Tracker

Citation tracker enlists all your present citations and their potential. It will also highlight places where competitors citations have the upper hand than yours

Easy to use tools for local seo

Citation burst

Inaccurate citations decrease the overall performance of local SEO. For avoiding the inaccurate citations, the citation burst is there. It creates accurate quotes.

Review flow

This tool monitors reviews left about your business across 35 mediums. You can also reply to these reviews via one click.

Review biz

It is also all about monitoring reviews on different mediums, just like review flow.

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You can use all these tools without paying any additional subscription charges.


There are three types of pricing plans offered. As price increases, benefits, and features, you can also enjoy additions. Before purchasing any of these plans, you can enjoy a free trial.

  • Single Business – $29/month or $290/year ($24.17/month)
  • Multi Business – $49/month or $490/year ($40.83/month)
  • SEO Pro – $79/month or $790/year ($65.83/month)


All these benefits of Local SEO in this price offered by them are worthy enough for any business to invest in purchasing BrightLocal!!!

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