What is MaxBounty about?

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MaxBounty is a CPA (cost per action) affiliated marketing program working in the market since 2004. Just like all other affiliate programs, it pays the affiliate marketers based on their performance. It works as a communication bridge between merchants and affiliate marketers.

Manufacturers, merchants, and entrepreneurs display their products on MaxBounty, and affiliate marketers choose products and market them. Affiliates are free to use any means to sell the product. When there are results based upon the marketing of the affiliate marketer, the merchant simply pays him a decided commission per sale. A win-win situation for both parties.

Reviews about MaxBounty on the internet are growing with an increase in popularity. People are getting more and more curious about this opportunity of making a fortune at home. But these reviews are capable of leaving you more confused because of several mixed opinions.

To resolve the ambiguity, we did detailed research on MaxBounty, and here is an honest opinion!

How MaxBounty works?

MaxBounty is an opportunity provider for both vendors and marketers. Opportunity for vendors as other people will do marketing for you, and you don’t have to pay commission until or unless there are results.

In the market, there is a visible increase in products sale as a result of affiliate marketing. Brilliant opportunity for marketers as all you have to do is to put little effort into generating the traffic. After that, you will earn income with website visitors you bought through affiliate marketing efforts.

Unlike other affiliate networks, on MaxBounty, you get the commission without that visitor having to purchase anything. But you have to make visitors perform some simple action i.e., submitting their email address or zip code. Providing this information helps vendors to find out more information about that vendor’s service or product.

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Earning Mechanism

Earning with MaxBounty, the advertiser should keep two things in mind. Firstly, there is no payment for dummy referrals. You will get your money when you produce results as per the method of offer you and the vendor decided.

Secondly, you need to have at least $100 in your MaxBounty account, if you want to withdraw the money you earned. It means, until or unless you receive $100, the money in your account is of no use.

You can use any type of traffic generation strategy, but there are some limitations to the kind of traffic to ensure the quality. The traffic should be from mobile, email, from a specific geographical area, contextual, via social media marketing, display, incentive-based, and search.

Whatever method you would like to generate your traffic, do mention it in your profile and sign-up application.

It has various types of offers, such as CPA, CPS, and CPL.

  • CPA- Cost Per Acquisition. With CPA, vendors pay the marketer when a specific action i.e., a click, a sale, or a form submit happens.
  • CPS – Cost Per Sale. Paying a decided commission to MaxBounty marketer when someone from the customer’s traffic makes a purchase
  • CPL – Cost Per Lead. Advertisers will pay you an amount of commission when the marketer generates a new exciting lead. Unlike CPA and CPS, these campaigns are advertiser-centric. Campaigns are publisher-centric. Vendors pay marketer when there is sign-up from a person interested in the vendor’s offer.

MaxBounty’s offers are mostly CPL and CPA.

MaxBounty: how is quality made sure?

Unlike other affiliate networks, not everyone can sign-up on MaxBounty. This is to ensure that the affiliates have a certain amount of affiliate marketing experience. If you are a beginner of affiliate marketing, this network is not for you.

Signing-Up on MaxBounty

  1. Go to their website and fill out their application form there
  2. In case of meeting their requirements, within a few days, a MaxBounty employee will call you for an interview. This interview determines which marketing and promotion methods you will use to promote the products/services.
  3. Once approved, you can log in to MaxBounty and get links for CPA offers you are interested in promoting.

There are no requirements mention on the official website yet keeping in mind few points can increase your chances of getting accepted as an affiliate marketer.

  • If you have a website where you have good traffic, your chances of getting accepted are higher than others.
  • Be very clear about the type of traffic you have. Not only with MaxBounty, but it will also help you overall in affiliate marketing. Instead of putting efforts in different niches, select one and dedicate your efforts towards it.
  • Try to generate decent local traffic in your particular geographical area before signing-up.
  • As you are assessed based on your marketing strategies, make two or more marketing and promotional strategies before the interview phase. Brain-storm those several times to refine them more.
  • Learn about basic affiliate marketing strategies.
  • Evaluate different mediums and decide which medium you are going to use i.e., social media marketing, ads, email marketing, et cetera.
  • Be confident about your strategies in your interview with affiliate managers.

Besides keeping these points in mind, avoid the following

  • Do not go for any sketchy promotional strategy.
  • In an interview, do not change the strategy which you mentioned in your signing-up application.
  • Having a website is the best option, but if you don’t have any, add a link to your social media page. Do not leave this section blank.
  • Stick to “simplicity is the best policy.” Keep promotional offers understandable and straightforward.
  • Understand the standard terms and abbreviations used in affiliate marketing.
  • Be very clear about your niche.
  • Be clear about offers you would like to promote from MaxBounty. Going for several offers at a time can give the impression of spam.

Why are there rumors about MaxBounty being a scam?

Income from affiliate marketing is attractive, but it requires efforts. When you get accepted as a marketer, the important thing is generating the traffic. The more you spend energy and time, the more you get the reward.

When new people sign-up, they start expecting the result on the very first day without putting effort. In other cases, in the beginning, people are very enthusiastic about earning and put effort, but when there are no results for a while, they are dis-hearted and think that MaxBounty is a scam.

Another reason is that you must earn $100, then you can withdraw your earnings. People do earn, but without knowing this point, they try to withdraw the amounts in their accounts. When they fail to do so, they think that MaxBounty is a scam and spread this word among the people.

This isn’t the case. MaxBounty is not a scam at all. Persistence is the key. Several people are making a fortune via marketing the products on this network. Consistency is the only difference among those people and those who think it is a scam.

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Signing-up as a MaxBounty is free. You don’t have to pay any kind of premium. It is free, yet the quality is maintained. Meeting the standards of the network is the only way you can sign-up.

Perks of MaxBounty:

Free educational resources

After signing successfully, you can access to a lot of educational material for free. There is training available on the website to help you to better your skills as an affiliate marketer.

On-time payments

You can entirely rely on MaxBounty for timely payments. There are several options available to get your fees i.e., PayPal, direct bank transfer, Payoneer, Cheque, Wire transfer, et cetera.

Weekly withdrawals

If you have a minimum of 100$ funds in your account, you can withdraw your earnings every single week. Unlike other affiliate networks, your earnings are not stuck for a whole month and more.

Numerous bonuses

In the form of performance bonuses, there is additional income waiting for you on MaxBounty. Come up with exceptional strategies and performance, and these bonuses are yours!

Products diversity

Besides your chosen niche in your application form, your affiliate managers will provide you with several products and services. This way, you can earn regardless of your niche.

Cross-functional Dashboard

The website’s dashboard has several functions to assist you. They continuously post the newest market trends and popular campaigns on it. MaxBounty publishes reports on this dashboard from time to time. You can also track your earnings from time to time.


MaxBounty is one of the best affiliate marketing networks in the market. No scam at all. Several people are making a good earning from it, and you can be one of those.

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