What is the Project Payday about?

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Project Payday

What is the Project Payday about? Project Payday is one of the best online reviewing and surveying organizations in the market. Since its launch, users have been skeptical about the actual nature of its site, and they repeatedly whether the program is legit or not.

However, as the possibility of paid positive reviews and scams is high, many new people to the internet marketing world can become confused and wrongly guided by baseless malignancy and unauthentic review. It is where we come in as we provide a 100% honest review.

Project Payday Review

So let us dive deep into the investigation regarding Project Payday to determine whether it is a trustworthy website like Wealthy Affiliate or just another junk. This investigation is holistic and would cover both personal experience and feedback from other users so that you get a comprehensive yet unbiased review.

Project Payday Rating

The Better Business Bureau website has given it A rating for the company due to its smooth operation. It does make it impressive, as it is not very easy to achieve such a high score.

Additionally, BBB also provides info about its origin, contact information, and workings so that you get a clear idea of where Project Payday stands. We evaluate that PP is indeed trustworthy as we have faith in BBB on their ratings as they are genuine.

Website’s First Impressions

The website is quite simple yet effective. The general details are mentioned, along with opportunities attached to the programs. There is also a link provided for testimonials. There is also a mentioning of a $100 reimbursement for user’s efforts if they do not make money.

The website is up to date and is copyrighted, which is a good sign as it means that they are committed to keeping the quality top-notch.

Project Payday training

Workings of Project Payday:

There are two significant ways of earning money through PPD:

1. Complete the Cost Per Action offers

It means to become an affiliate and earn money by referring other people to the website via commissions. In a nutshell, it is a mechanism through which the PPD pays you money when you find customers for a product.

All you have to do is find a customer willing to buy the product and pay for shipment. When the customer receives the product, you have to send the receipt to the company, and they will cover the shipment expense and pay you the commission.

So, in the end, you will earn some percentage of the product as a net profit. But to start as a CPA, you have to complete the training offered on the website first, divided into four segments. It will give you an all-rounded brush up about CPA marketing so that your knowledge is refreshed.

You also have to complete trials for PPD during your training. It is very logical and can earn you some decent earning, but you will need to work for your money, and it might not be as lovely and comfortable as it seems. There will be research required to gain leads and then converting them into buys, which can take several weeks, especially if you’re a newbie.

2. The Referral Program and its Conditions

Option 2 is not as straightforward as Complete the Cost per Action offers, although the training conditions to become eligible to participate the same.

Additionally, this program requires you to fill two CPA offers and find two people to join it. You refer PPD to these people and make sure that these two people complete two CPA offers each as well.

After doing this, you have fulfilled all the conditions and can begin working on other referrals and earn commission via them. But remember, meeting these conditions is not a piece of cake and requires a lot of time as you have to do a lot of research to compel people to join.

Response from other Users

There are generally positive reports and reviews by the users on online forums and websites. There have been some isolated cases of disappointments, but that happens in every business, and you can never be sure whether they are genuine cases or staged by competitors.

Either way, such responses have a deficient percentage, so things look pretty good as a whole. The superb testimonials have increased its popularity of the platform and indicate that the public appreciates its performance.

Project Payday


  • It requires zero investment if you use trials to gather membership fees.
  • Its products are often of high brands, which are mostly high in demand.
  • As the top brands are involved, users don’t have to worry about no payment. Even if a payment issue arises, you can contact the customer care of the company.
  • They provide many free offers when users finish trials.
  • The offers and referrals are an excellent way to earn some extra income as they pay well.
  • It is not a scam and is legit as users have earned more than $500 regularly from this program. Some user has even received more than $2500.


  • It is not a “Get Rich Quick” project and cannot be a steady income source.
  • There is minimal support.
  • Money-making requires some severe sweat and effort.
  • It has its risks and downfalls.
  • The website can use your details for profit.


Based upon the whole investigation and our personal experience, we felt that Project Payday is legit. After using this platform and gathering responses from other users, we believe it does with its fair share of pros and cons, but the benefits overwhelmingly outweigh the cost.

So if you are going to ask us for our opinion regarding PPD, we would suggest it as an excellent investment because all in all, it helps you make money, it is reliable, there are many success stories, and it is worth a shot!

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