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When it comes to determining the success of SEO campaigns, it is necessary to adopt the best keyword rankings possible. When I was trying my luck at increasing rankings and attracting more traffic, I got stuck at finding the best site which could fulfill my goals without emptying my pockets. But then I came across Wincher Rank Tracker and have never looked back.

Fast forward to today, not only have my rankings improved, but I also have gained loads of traffic – all thanks to Wincher. It is no doubt one of the best sites in the niche as it not only offers quality service, but the price charged is also reasonable. Thus giving it an optimal price-quality ratio. Here is my full review of this beautiful site and how it helped me reach the top.

From its features to the pricing plan and pros, everything is covered. I have experienced it myself. Thus I will provide only genuine reviews and share my thoughts with you. So read along if you wish to follow my path to success.

Wincher Rank Tracker

Wincher has a lot to offer. From daily ranking updates and alerts to easy sharing and exporting, it has it all. Not only the services provided are top-notch, but the price set is also highly competitive. It means that users get the best value for their money and benefit the most. Let us have an in-depth look at some of its main features:

Daily ranking updates

They update their search engine positions every single day. It means that users never miss any ranking movement and are also kept up-to-date on competitor positions as well and always remain current.

Wincher Check SERP

Wincher also highlights the user’s site and show them the list of the other sites ranking for their keyword. For this, you just simply need to click on the number indicating the keyword position, and the list will open.

wincher keyword research tool

Daily alerts

With Wincher, users no longer have to log in every day to view their ranking updates. They are alerted immediately when vital changes take place trough notifications.

Easy sharing

Now users are also able to share their successful rankings and tell the world that they are doing a good ranking job by quickly posting their ranking success through Wincher on social media. This attracts more traffic and increases publicity.

CSV PDF exporting

Exporting data and generating auto reports has never been easier. With Wincher Rank Tracker, users can not only export data by PDF or CSV, but can also get customized PDF-reports that are delivered through the email address frequently.

Keyword grouping

Keywords can also be grouped into different categories as per the users’ needs so that they get a better overview of their overall ranking progress. This is helpful when users need to track a lot of keywords as now they can filter their ranking graph by groups.

No lockup

Wincher Rank Tracker also has a free service that doesn’t even require a credit card. The best thing is that users can close their account at any time without any lock-up.

Wincher Rank Tracker features


The Wincher dashboard is straightforward and easy to use. Its simplicity is what I like the most, as users are not bombarded with a bunch of sections and numerous tabs. It provides quite a comprehensive snapshot of the overall keyword rankings.

Keyword Graph

It offers a lot to look at, and the good thing is that each keyword can be selected individually to view so that it doesn’t get so cluttered. However, it might get a bit crowded when users add more keywords, and their rankings start to change.

Hide Keyword

This is useful when there are many keywords, and users just want to look at some of them. It can be done by clicking on any keyword.

Keyword Ranking History

Another of its cool feature is historical data which means Wincher Rank Tracker not only shows it users’ current changes but also stores past ranking modifications, which are very helpful for monitoring progress.

Wincher WordPress Plugin

When I stumbled across it on the footer of their site, I couldn’t believe it. It has made my life so much easier. The plugin swiftly adds the Wincher dashboard to the WordPress site.

14-day free trial

Users can try Wincher out with the free trial so that they get the time and space to experiment before they dive in. This gives them a pretty good idea of what they will be getting for their investment.

Are Wincher rankings accurate?

When it comes to keyword rank tracking tools, there is always some variation due to factors like personalized search, location, and other variants. But all that being said, there is quite a margin for accuracy and Wincher seems to be doing quite well there.

You can test its accuracy as I did by searching for the keywords from Incognito searches. You will get the results that will match for sure as I did. This proves that Wincher is legitimate and accurate!

Wincher Pricing

Wincher pricing is dynamic and without commitment. This means users are only charged for the benefits they receive, and there is no additional up fee, which makes it quite affordable for bloggers and marketers who don’t have much cash in their pockets but are seriously into SEO. Wincher users don’t have to spend a lot of money on tools like before, as it has made it affordable.

Pricing is Wincher top benefit, as compared to other similar products, it charges quite less and offers a lot more. The first domain costs slightly high at € 10 per month, but then users are only charged € 3 for each additional domain they add and get 100 keywords along with it, which are more than enough. This makes it still SUPER affordable, especially if you are adding more websites.

So the price-quality ratio is so optimal that users won’t even feel the cost burden as it is so less. Now, if you compare it to other sites, this is peanuts as they usually charge more than € 50. So it is a win situation for users.

Who is Wincher Rank Tracker recommended for?

Wincher is the perfect tool for all those SEO geeks who are just starting. It is a savior for all those who wish to meet their ranking needs without burdening their pockets. It is indeed a robust tool whose simplicity makes it’s a godsend for content marketers and bloggers, especially those who work in WordPress and want to make their work more comfortable and more enjoyable by putting it all in one place!

Wincher testimonials

So I will recommend Wincher to those bloggers and marketers who want to start small, but efficiently and don’t have the budget to invest in expensive keyword trackers like Moz and SEO Powersuite.

It is also highly recommended for complete beginners as it is one of the most user-friendly keyword trackers I have ever come across. It has everything displayed and explained clearly. Thus even amateurs can easily understand how their content is performing.

The Pros and Cons of Wincher for Content Marketers

Because I am a professional in content marketing, I can differentiate between a good and a bad service quite easily. I can tell where the service is lagging. So when it comes to Wincher, I have noticed both the ups and downs and have compiled them for you. Let us dive into these pros and cons of Wincher:


Easy to Use

I found Wincher the easiest and the most user-friendly keyword rank trackers so far. With its straightforward and straightforward features, using it has become a fun job rather than being tedious. With the added benefits and the functionality of being installed directly in WordPress, it has become even more helpful.

Time Saver

It helps save a lot of time as now users can track their progress within minutes. The login and the whole monitoring process is so efficient that you will be over with it without even noticing. It also helps avoided multitasking as now users don’t have to keep different tabs, as Wincher does everything for them.

Timely updated

Wincher keeps users updated 24/7. All they have to do is to open the Wincher panel to see how the keywords were faring in the SERPs. They can decide the next step immediately without any delay. As the rankings are updated every 24 hours, users always remain on top of the game.

Great Price

As I have mentioned previously, Wincher Rank Tracker is comparatively a very inexpensive solution, as other competitors in the market charge a fortune. It is affordable, making it perfect for small teams and solo webmasters who wish to do serious SEO without bleeding themselves dry. It comes to rescue those who have very little to start with.

Secondly, the price model, as discussed earlier, makes it hassle-free as there is no one lump sum amount, and there is no immediate concern for upcoming charges. So it is perfect for those teams whose budget is uncertain until the end of the month.

Technical Support

Wincher has a great tech support team that response not only quickly but also effectively resolve issues. They provide excellent customer service so that users don’t face any inconvenience.


Wincher is not overly sophisticated. So if you want a highly advanced service, then you should opt-in for more expensive SEO tools. In my opinion – just go for the trial and decide after.

Final Thoughts on Wincher Rank Tracker

Wincher is a handy tool, and it doesn’t take a long time to learn how to use it. It is a powerful keyword rank tracker and is perfect for those content teams which have a limited budget but still want quality results. Believe me, and you will not be able to go back as it will improve your SEO ranking by a margin and get you hooked.


Wincher Rank Tracker sign in


This excellent tool, with its simplicity, is one of the best values for money. It is for all who wish to track and monitor their ranking positions and compare results with competitors, daily.

So if you want something simple yet efficient and cheap, then Wincher is for you. When I first stumbled upon it, I was surprised and a bit suspicious of such low cost. But Wincher proved me wrong by providing me the most efficient and economical service possible and kept me updated daily.

It has become one of the main tools in my SEO toolbox while working along with Wealthy Affiliate. So my verdict is that Wincher is a great solution for all the bloggers and marketers out there. They wish to have an all-in-one tool that includes keyword rankings without paying a lot. Don’t hesitate to join Wincher, as I am sure you won’t regret it!

And here, I am again with an update in April 2020 – Wincher Affiliate Program!!!

You’ll not only be able to use this tool at a great price but also you may start promoting it. In this way, you’ll be paying your bill and make some extra cash, too, from affiliating with Wincher.

They prepared excellent terms for you: 20% recurring commission for each monthly payment of your referral with a  minimum of 50 EUR payout. Recruit affiliates and get a 10% commission from their earnings too!

Isn’t this great? Go on and grab this deal now, until (I assure you, in a short time) everybody will be someone’s referral!



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