Why to use Jaaxy?

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Millions of people are starting or registering for online business every day. Unfortunately, the circumstances are changing all around the world, and people prefer online business, rather than the local one.

Online business has countless advantages, some of which include: start from scratch, work from any time anywhere, no permanent location required, etc. The rise of numbers of online people in business had made the competition more challenging. Today, to start or run our business online, we have to hassle more than compared to the previous years.

In the world of these online businesses, one of the most prospering business is affiliate marketing. It is simple to initiate this business, but as described, the challenge is much tough nowadays. One of the provocations among this is keyword research.

Why to use Jaaxy?

Keywords play a crucial role in blooming any online business and are not limited only to affiliate marketing. If you are using some specific keywords and have optimized them correctly, it can surely help in getting targeted traffic towards your website and hence boosting sales.

There are hundreds of tools out there that help you find out the best keywords. Not all of them are reliable, nor all of them suit you.

In this article, we will discuss one of the leading keyword research toolsJaaxy. The best thing about Jaaxy is that it is specially built for affiliate marketers and can readily help you to stand out from the crowd and stay ahead in the competition.

Another unusual feature about Jaaxy is that it searches the data in all three major search engines, i.e., Google, Bing, and Yahoo. (Note: most of the tools are built only for Google). We’ll discuss all the details necessary to get your hands on this useful tool, and afterward, you may have good knowledge.

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Main Features of Jaaxy

Some of the main Jaaxy features include:

  •  Estimating the expected traffic for specific keywords.
  •  Finding out the best and unique keywords (often hidden).
  •  Finding influencing niches.
  •  Predicting the income from the respective niche.
  •  Helping out in better SEO.
  •  Organizing keywords.
  •  Showing modern trends.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Now we’ll discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of Jaaxy. Every SEO or Keyword optimization tool has its pros and cons.

Some offer high rates. Others provide the best features, interface, etc… Let’s start with the Pros.


  • Easy to use
  • One of the best facts about the Jaaxy is its interface, which friendly and easy to use. Anyone experienced or inexperienced individual can quickly learn its interface and use it.
  • No download needed
  • Jaaxy is an online application, and hence there is no need to download it. Moreover, it supports mobiles and tablets and can be used from anywhere.
  • Lightning-fast
  • The speed of Jaaxy is breakneck, and with the support of powerful servers, it can calculate substantial results in a matter of a few seconds.
  • Low cost
  • Comparatively, Jaaxy has low and reliable pricing plans that’s suits the need of all of us, whether we are a starter or experienced.
  • Prosper training material
  • Although Jaaxy is easy to use or implement, it does include a lot of training material that surely help us out in any particular matter.
  • Stay out from the crowd
  • Jaaxy’s powerful tools and features help you out by finding unique, hidden, and useful keywords that help your SEO ranking and help you prosper your business.
  • Free features
  • Some of the Jaaxy’s features are free.


  • Jaaxy doesn’t have many shortcomings or disadvantages, but we must know whatever they are.
  • Full features
  • To access all the Jaaxy’s features, you must subscribe to one of their packages.
  • Traffic targeting issues
  • There is no option in Jaaxy, whether we are targeting local or International searches. This is one of the critical features and must-have optimization features.


The price of Jaaxy’s subscription starts from 49$/month, which is quite high for most of the starters.


Now we’ll discuss the Jaaxy’s membership and its features. Jaaxy has three membership plans:


(Best for starters or trial)





20 Search Results Unlimited Search History Unlimited Keyword Lists
1 x speed 2x Multi-Threaded Search 5x Multi-Threaded Search
30 SiteRank Analysis Scans 2K SiteRank Analysis Scans 10K SiteRank Analysis Scans
Keyword List Manager Manual QSR Search Automated QSR
Affiliate Program Finder Manual Domain Search Automated Domain Search

More details of Jaaxy’s membership can be found on their website.

Jaaxy invitation to try the program

Jaaxy is a versatile software and can be used by an individual in any field. For instance, you are going to start your online store, want to improve SEO ranking, running a blog website, writing articles, starting an affiliate marketing, freelancing, owning a YouTube channel, news website, etc…

Moreover, in Enterprise membership, there is additional training material that takes your knowledge to the next level.

Jaaxy’s unique tools

Ever software similar to Jaaxy has some of its features. Here, we’ll represent some of the tools that Jaaxy utilizes to provide the best results.


Shows how many searches (per month) had been done for the keyword you entered.


This is the feature we described as a traffic calculator. This tool estimates how much traffic your website will get if ranked number 1, etc.

KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator)

KQI shows the quality of the relevant keyword you entered.


It shows how problematic it is to rank the given keyword. Scales between 100 -1. (i.e., 100 is for easy, and one is for hard/ very hard)

To sum up:

According to my experience with Jaaxy, its smooth, fast, accurate, and provide excellent results. For example, I am associated with Wealthy Affiliate, and I am using Jaaxy for a significant time. As described in the begging, it is built especially for affiliate business and was created by the team of Wealth Affiliate.

So, if you are planning to start the affiliate business, Jaaxy will be the best tool to rank, enhance, or boost your result.

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