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Plugin from Wincher

In the present world where information is hugely accessible, many bloggers and content marketers have gone spreading their ideas and thoughts on the internet.

They created their websites and content pages where they could express what they have in mind.

These individuals have invested valuable resources such as time, effort, and money to gain a good ground on the internet world.

One of the hopes of every blogger and content marketers is that one day they will be part on the top of the list of people who searches content about their niche using the keywords they are in.

It’s hard to compete in the vast competitors on the internet without using any tools. But gladly, Wincher got your back.

Wincher gives ease on every internet enthusiast to elevate their works and improve their presence online.

For those bloggers and content marketers who work in WordPress that need keyword tracking, Wincher is a big help.

While working on your site at the same time, a keyword tracker inside your WordPress is such an exceptional combination. This makes your SEO task much more comfortable and convenient.

Wincher has way more features to offer; it is considered as one of the most user-friendly keyword trackers. If you are interested in exploring further features, these are explained in detail below.

Wincher Plugin Review

Wincher has two different options to choose from, depending on your convenience, you can either choose the Wincher plugin or the Wincher website.

But both have similar features, and it differs only on user preference. But for this review, let us dig deeper into the Wincher plugin.

It also has two versions when you access the Wincher plugin, the free version, and the paid version. Of course, by mere common sense, free version always has limitations compared to the paid ones.

The premium version has a lot more features than the free version. Although it is good to use software that doesn’t cost you but only gives you benefit, but you might as well consider subscribing to the paid version as it will help you improve your performance. Let us further discuss the difference.

Wincher plugin (Free version)

This version offers a basic rank tracking wherein you can add only one domain and up to ten keywords.

Wincher allows you to test this plugin into your website free of charge. They gave you the chance to explore if it suits your needs.

Honestly, it’s not a lot to work with since you only monitor a few keywords and only a single domain. That’s what we mean by limitation for this version a while ago.

wincher rank track

This software is known for its sound reporting system. The free version gives you an update to your ranking every week and gives you bonus access to a weekly search engine results page graphical changes, which are illustrated by an up and down arrow.

The graphical reports of search engine results pages are indicators that tell you whether you have earned or lost positions in Google rank.

You can sign up now to Wincher and set up your plugin in your websites’ WordPress to begin using it.

It is good to consider that Wincher free version doesn’t display the strategic ranking paths for monitoring keywords on your website.

You’ll have the pains of manually go to Google and check your position online to know updates which very unlikely compared to the paid version, which will be tackled in detail below.

This free version also doesn’t allow you to do keyword grouping and bulk keyword importing.

Wincher plugin keywords table

So, what would be the purpose of having this free version despite all the limitations?

This is intentionally set-up for you to experience solely and have a personal assessment if Wincher is the appropriate keyword tracking solution for your business.

It is designed for keyword tracking only, and if you are looking for extensive monitoring tools like backtracking tools, then this might not be the right one for you.

The free trial gives you a glimpse of how the software would work, what its features are, what benefits you would receive if you continue the service, and by that, you’ll gauge if this is the right software to work with.

Free versions allow you to explore features without paying a single penny.

Wincher plugin (upgraded version)

It gives you a whole lot of advance. This paid subscription gives you the essential tools that you need to improve your website presence daily.

The tools and reporting system are now daily instead of weekly based on the prior free version.

Sometimes when we hear that a specific software requires payment before you can fully use the features, we tend to back out and find another one.

Wincher tracker plugin

But Wincher paid version, although it requires money to access all the functions that you need, it has a very affordable price.

The price is far from being expensive. We will tackle the pricing on the succeeding paragraphs below.

How to setup Wincher plugin

In this section, we will discuss the process of making your Wincher plugin be fully functional on your WordPress and start to track keywords.

It has only five simple steps to complete setup this plugin in your WordPress. You must be careful in following these steps so that you will maximize the benefits of Wincher to your website.

The first thing to do is log in to your WordPress dashboard. Then, install the Wincher plugin using the WordPress repository, which is located under the plugin section and click add new.

Second, you must wait until the complete installation of the Wincher plugin is attained.

Then, activate the plugin. After activating the plugin, go to your WordPress dashboard sidebar and look for the Wincher tab located at the top portion.

Third, click the Wincher tab and begin to set-up your account. You only need to input your details such as your full name, email address, keywords to monitor your rankings, and input at the same time your competitors.

Fourth, after completing to fill-out the required details, you are good to go. Wincher will start to run and analyze your position within a 24-hour interval, and after that, it will submit an insightful report via graphical representation to your input email.

You’ll be able to monitor and start to be notified daily the ranking data trends in which they are significant in working out your website rank.

Lastly, when all the setup is done, and ranking has been updated, you can start working with it by refreshing the Wincher plugin page.

Wincher plugin

Wincher Plugin Panel

As you start to operate the Wincher plugin on your WordPress, you allowed accessing the Wincher panel.

You will notice on that panel, the number of keywords you added and the competitors you included.

You can also see the data period of analytical logs, either weekly or yearly intervals.

Search engine result pages change for all the keywords you input can be monitored through graphical representation on which is the best performer and which keywords are not performing well.

Keywords appear in a graphical representation to easily interpret and analyze the progress. These keywords are assigned with a different color to easily distinguish them, even only taking a glance at them.

The results and graphical correspondents can be zoomed to gain a better picture of it. These graphical reports and representations are exported in the form of CSV or pdf file depending on which you prefer, and these will be sent to your email account.

You also have the option to import more keywords by using Bulk Import link via uploading CSV or txt file in which the keywords are included in that file.

You will also receive a list of alerts regarding rank changes and achievements on your monitored keywords, as well as listings of competitors update.

Wincher panel has a competitors feature where you have full control of your competitor’s table on site.

Take note that the Wincher Plugin only allows you to add individual competitors to a list. Although the plugin is very comfortable to work with, there are also more tools in the Wincher website that you should try to explore and work out.

Wincher Plugin Features

Bloggers and content marketers are very fond of using Wincher plugin in working with their sites and monitoring keyword ranks.

The listed features below allow you to explore the benefits of using this software.

User-friendly and Time-efficient

One of the identifying features of Wincher is that it develops ways for users to have maximum convenience.

They have generated the Wincher plugin to install it with WordPress. Among other keyword tracking software, this is by far fits perfectly to your work.

This gives you a lift in maximizing your time as you don’t need to try to multitask, jumping from one software to another, but it is all in one software that you are working with.

All you need to do is open the Wincher panel and see your added keywords changing in the search engine result pages and decide what to do next to improve.

Rankings can be easily monitored since it refreshes every 24 hours for upgraded accounts and weekly for free accounts.

Affordable price

Other software may charge you an expensive fee for a limited-service, but Wincher is an inexpensive solution for your everyday needs.

This fits if you are just a startup, or you are already in the process of working with a small team. You don’t need to spend a bunch of dollars to gain SEO on your website.

It also comes with excellent technical support who will answer your queries and problems while working on this software. They will guide you through until you master the process.

Wincher plugin reviews

Competitor feature

It is essential to work with your domain and keywords to know the ranks and updates of your competitors.

As you want to be on the top list of your picked keywords, you would love to have an edge from them and continually work out.

Wincher Pricing

Fees are always one of the most significant considerations before finalizing a subscription to the software.

But we want you to know that Wincher is an inexpensive software and assured that it is really within your budget.

But in case you want free, they have a free trial to work within 14 days. You must maximize to explore the software and assess if it would help you in the long run.

If in case you would decide to get the paid version, then you must know this.

For the upgraded version, you will be paying €10 per month for adding one domain, and for each additional domain, you would be paying €3 per month.

With the Wincher plugin, subscribing and using allows you to track an unlimited number of keywords and access up to 5 years of history along with more functionality. Such as competitor tracking, keyword grouping, PDF and CSV reports, and adding new websites.

Meaning if you are a start-up and only monitoring one domain, then you’ll be paying for €10 per month, which is way cheaper compared to other keyword monitoring software available in the market.


Wincher is a straightforward and convenient tool to work with. The simple steps to set up it doesn’t require a high degree of skill to start and run it.

It doesn’t take a long duration to master how to use it. It is indeed a powerful keyword rank tracker software for content teams and even for a startup that has limited resources.

It is undoubtedly inexpensive but not cheap on its function. You should try this and start to work with Wincher plugin on your WordPress to improve your website.


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